Monday, December 23, 2013

Comments on the New ASMR Sci-Fi Suit Role Play

Hey everyone!  I am so happy to see that most of you like the new video.  I have started responding to comments, but ran into an issue I have been having since Youtube and Google+  decided to make content creators'' lives more difficult---and that is a commenting limit glitch.  When I try to comment, I get this message:

This usually lasts 18 hours before I can write about 200-300 more comments.  I have written to youtube support about this, and they have told me they "believe there is no comment limit"---but as you can see, there clearly is.

The reason I am telling you this is because I planned on hitting up as many comments as I could on that video tonight, but youtube isn't allowing me to.  I wanted you all to know that I am gobsmacked about the responses to the vid, and I appreciate every single comment.  I will be commenting on it as soon as youtube allows me to, but I am only allotted 200-300 per 24 hours, so I won't be able to respond to everyone.

I wanted to make it clear that even though I can't respond to everyone, I appreciate everyone.  Thank you all for being awesome.  I was so nervous about this one, and came back to so much support.  You guys are the best, and I hope you are all having a good week and have a great holiday (if you celebrate it---if not, I hope your days are just great in general).

Friday, December 20, 2013

Thanks for helping me stay motivated

I don't usually post comments I get on here (unless they make me cackle...cause you guys are pretty funny sometimes), but I want to post this piece of one. It made me tear up: 

"It's good to find others to rest your head on (even from afar), and I'm mighty glad I've found you. You were my very first ASMRtist, and it was like finding my own personal guardian to watch over me at night."

I know I tell you all that your comments mean a lot to me, and I hope you know how much I mean it. I was just griping to my friend about how frustrated I am with my inability to figure out tech stuff on my own, and how much anxiety I have been having about putting out the RP I have been working on, so I went to my channel to try to respond to some comments to give my mind a break from feeling nervous. I found that one. It was like a gentle nudge to get out of the pity party I was throwing for myself, and get back to work.

Thank you. You don't know how much you help me. Let the editing continue!

Monday, December 9, 2013

New ASMR SCIENCE Video is out. Welcome back to the laboratory. Let me test your 5 senses, yeah?

I hope you guys like it.  I had the pleasure of cooperating with 17 other content creators to make the beginning of this video, and I would like to thank them for participating on such short notice.  HUGE thanks go to:

 (in order of appearance)
ASMR Angel  0:19-0:23
VioletsVoice   0:24-0:28
Danny Docile  0:29-0:33
Ardra Neala  0:29-0:33
thatASMRchick   0:36-0:40
 MyMiridion  0:41-0:45
ASMRrequests  0:46-0:50
VisualSounds1  0:52-0:56
DeeplyRelaxing  0:52-0:56
Hailey WhisperingRose  0:59-1:03
SillyLittleTingles  1:04-1:08
WhisperMister1  1:11-1:15
Softly Sharry 1:19-1:23
17MissCoco  1:26-1:30
Brittany ASMR  1:26-1:30
ShiverMeTingles  1:31-1:35
JustAWhisperingGuy  1:48-1:52

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

ASMR Sounds In A Storm Video Is Up And Running.

Happy Viewing  :)

You're not a purple frog.

Hello everyone.  I wanted to write this after seeing some of my asmrtist friends getting down about the kinds of comments trolls (or just malicious people in general) can leave.  This entry is not just for asmrtists though---it's for anyone who has gotten down after being called names, or labeled by another person.

If you watched my Draw My Life video, you know that I grew up with a terrible person.  This person tried to do everything he could to break my soul (and my mother's as well).  One of the things he used to do was yell curses at me, and call me names.  It was hard for me to understand why someone would be so cruel---especially someone who I never harmed.  It's easy to take on feelings of guilt or inadequacy when someone is trying to groom you into feeling less than you're worth.  

I'd like to share a conversation I had with my mother that has always stuck with me. One day my mom sat with me when I was feeling down.  This is what transpired:

My mom asked, "What if he called you a purple frog?  Would you care?"  I said "no."  She asked "why?"  I said "Because I'm not a purple frog."  She said "So why do you care about anything else he says?  You know what you are.  He can't make you be anything else, unless you believe him."  

It can suck when people make it a point to try to get under your skin, or hurt you.  It is important to remember that these people, who have nothing constructive, helpful, or valuable to offer, don't deserve relevance.  They can say whatever they want---and sometimes they will---but only you can give them the power to matter to you.  Don't give them that.  You are who you are, and no one can turn you into something else.  

I know it's easier said than done, and there is a lot that we have to navigate with sometimes---especially if the hurtful things people say to us are rooted in our pasts.  It doesn't matter how old we get, scars stay with you.  At some point, it is my hope that you will be able to look at them, and instead of seeing an injury, see evidence of survival.  They're battle scars.  They're there to remind you that you made it.

You're not a purple frog---and you'll never be a purple frog, unless you give someone relevance they didn't earn, and power they don't deserve.  But you are a warrior.  You've made it this far, and you'll get even farther---because you can.   You have it in you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Be safe.  I am thankful that you exist.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sneak Peek of the Next ASMR Video

This is a screen cap from an upcoming sound assortment video  
Just about everything goes wrong in it, hahahaha.

PS. Thank you all for being so patient with me about getting back to comments. It's been a busy time for me lately, and I have been trying to juggle real life and continue my posting schedule on youtube. So far I have been successful, but I have fallen behind with comments. I appreciate how supportive you all are, and I thank you for being cool about my response time.

Monday, November 11, 2013

ASMR Artwork From Amazing People

You guys know I have a thing for art.  It's special because only one person can make what they do, and feel the way they do while making it.  It's one of a kind.  Art is like fossils to me.  I am not sure that will make sense to anyone (unless they understand how I feel about fossils).  I guess the best way I can explain it is, art is a marker in someone's life.  It's proof of their time, and thoughts, and it could only come from them.  It means they existed, and this was something that resulted from them being in the world.

I have wanted to make this entry for a while now, but kept getting sidetracked.  I would like to share some proof of existence in art form from wonderful people (it sounds so weird to say it that way).

The background of this blog (and my banner on youtube and facebook) is actually a gift of art from a wonderful woman named Celia.  It was the first piece of art I ever received as a content creator.

Some wonderful viewers created pictures from my Ally and Scary story video (found here).

They gave me permission to share it with you, so I am.  If any of you create any depictions from my story, I would LOVE BEYOND LOVE to see them.  That story meant a lot to me, and these pictures do too.
This is Ally and Scary on Scary's mountain watching the sunrise.  

The rock girl.  "Scary was equal parts Obsidian and sand."

Scary on her mountain...See who is behind her?

Two awesome ASMRtists---SavannahsVoice and Paul Artwork--- have made videos of their pieces (so you can tingle and watch them create):



I have also had some wonderful friends on facebook make pictures that skewered my heart:

These first three were made by the same person

This one cracks me up.

This is a picture of the Candy Queen  :D  Video is here for those who have no idea what I am talking about:

This adorable piece one was done by a fellow friend and asmrtist

This is a painting by someone who wants to remain anonymous as of now. When I first saw it, I looked like this  0_0.  It's incredible.  I showed my whole family it, and everyone was gobsmacked.   This person is INSANELY talented, and I am very proud to call them my friend.

Another very talented ASMRtist made a painting for me of Sailor Jupiter (my favorite Sailor Senshi).   Sailor Jupiter is rather dear to me for many reasons---I related very much to her character in "Sailor Moon," so this gesture really touched my heart.  
This wonderful lady's channel is here

If any of you have art that you've done that you would like to share with me, I would be very happy to receive it.  They are like treasures to me.  If I posted your art here, and you would like your name with your piece, please let me know---I didn't know if people wanted their names on here, so if you did, I would be happy to edit this and credit you.  Thank you to those who shared with me---you don't know how dearly I hold these.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Commenting System on Youtube

Hey everyone.  I wanted to let you know that Youtube is rolling out some crazy changes---one of which, concerns comments.  Youtube is not allowing me to reply to nearly all comments on my videos.  Most comments do not even have a reply option.  From what I understand, all comments from before the 7th are readable only, and even the ones from the 7th are not all available to me.  The "in reply to" link (that would normally allow you or me to see what someone is responding to) is completely useless.  Also, we are no longer getting comment notifications in our inboxes.  Basically, Youtube just made it a lot harder and less efficient for us to interact with our viewers.

I want you to know that even though I cannot respond to the majority of them, I did read your comments, and I truly appreciate them  Please bear with me as we go through these Youtube changes together...I hear it's going to get a bit more hairy this week.

Friday, November 1, 2013

ASMR Halloween Role Play Sneak Peek...Sort Of

Holy moly this one was a lot of work.  It should be up tomorrow, it is currently rendering (so what I am late for Halloween...I am SUPER early for Halloween 2014  :P)   I thought about scrapping this one so many times.  I got really deep in thought while constructing it---I actually wrote a paper for myself while working it out (I'm not joking).  It didn't go exactly how I wanted it to, and I felt it was campy (haha, campier than usual).  I almost deleted it a bunch of times, but after a while, I decided to embrace it for what it was.  I even added some sound effects that added to the camp level (while cackling to myself).  I don't know how successful it's going to be triggering people, but I really hope that it still works despite the contemplative story line.  This one is definitely a different pace than my other role plays, and frankly, I am nervous about the reception.  The goal was to make you think, make you tingle, and make you sleepy.  Fingers crossed I can do one if not all of them.  Here is the last hint:

Other hints have included:  Harvey Dent Plaza, Cloud and Sephiroth, Jaegar and Kaiju, and this

Any guesses?

Looking forward to catching up on comments once this one is out.  Goodnight and Good morning (depending on where you're from)  Gah I'm nervous about it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

True Life: I am an ASMRtist

I have been toying with writing this for about a month now, but I ultimately came to the decision to after I got a message telling me that I shouldn't care if people know my address or not.  I would like to share my experiences as a content creator in the hopes some people might better understand some of the things we go through as ASMRtists.  I am going to be as honest as possible (without forfeiting comfort).

I started my channel on a whim.  I made a makeup video and had 6 subscribers the next morning, and I thought that was just the coolest thing ever.

So I kept making videos.  I would sit on my living room floor, with my point and shoot camera on 7 cans of cat food, and make sound videos.  I also made role plays in the little alcove in my dining room.  For a long while, reception was mixed.  People on youtube were very supportive and encouraging, but on Reddit, I caught a lot of flack.  I would get comments and messages telling me my camera's white noise was too much, that my videos were too long---and therefore I must not have a life, that my video cuts were disruptive, that I should stop trying cause I'd never be as good as so and so, that because I made videos, I was an attention whore, etc.

Making distinctions between feedback that was meant to help me, and feedback that was meant to hurt me wasn't hard---though I know that it can be difficult for people sometimes.  Yes, I had a ton of cuts in my videos and loud white noise, and it frustrated me too---legitimate feedback.  The insults and assumptions concerning my person---not legitimate feedback.  I was no stranger to reddit, and I am a child of the internet, so insults truly don't get to me.  My brain sees things as "relevant or irrelevant" and if something is irrelevant, I dismiss it...though I do tend to have a little spiteful streak in me. :P  Someone wrote that they would downvote any video over an hour long...I made my next video nearly an hour and 30 mins long.

Making long videos wasn't motivated by spite though, and it wasn't entirely planned.  I would set up to film a video, and then I would enjoy myself making it.  I found that filming videos allowed my brain to pause.  It turned the volume of the world down for me, and I would just sit, talk to my camera, and play with stuff.  So that's what I did.  I would make two videos a week, and I truly loved every second of it.

Even though I was no stranger to internet shenanigans, I did have adjusting to do.  I had never been a youtube content creator before, and wasn't prepared for the messages I would get in my inbox.  Trolling has never been something that has bothered me.  I am actually part troll---it said so on one of those ancestry sites  :P.  But trolling is a hard thing for many people to get the hang of disregarding.  There are also times when you get treated like chat-roulette, and get shots all up in people's junk (but that too isn't what I needed to get used to).  The hardest thing I had to reconcile was the aggressive entitlement in many of the messages I would receive.  People made demands of me, and were very disrespectful if I didn't acquiesce.  Navigating how to handle a situation online differently than I would in real life was a hard line for me to learn to walk.  And people didn't let up even if I established a hard boundary.

 I had messages demanding I wear specific garments, sending me links for me to purchase them, asking me for some of my hair, asking about my blood type, where I worked, saying that they could see me saying things to them with my eyes, demanding I plug their channels, or give them a shout out---and lashed out publicly if I wouldn't, etc.  There are people who invent relationships with you in their minds, and when you do something counter to their imaginary ideals, or if you refuse to do something in accordance with their concocted scenarios, they feel betrayed and retaliate (many times this comes in the form of someone making impostor accounts to try and discredit your character by insulting other asmrtists and viewers using your name and picture).  There are people who invent that you have relationships with their loved ones, and attack you for their manufactured reality (seriously...this just happened today).  There are people who decide that they know you're a terrible person (even though they don't know anything about you, and have never interacted with you), and try to convince others of their sentiment---or dedicate HOURS to spamming you with messages from multiple accounts telling you why they are right about how awful you are.  There are people who will berate you for wearing a shirt or lipstick color they don't approve of.  Whenever I see people criticizing ASMRtists for not having "tough skin" I always think "you have no idea what the inbox looks like."

There were also people (and still are) that would disguise their motives in ASMR requests.  I think it's almost a rite of passage in this community to get a message that says something along the lines of "HI!  I love your videos!  I was wondering, can you do a video where you put lotion on your feet, and paint your toenails, and then talk to the camera and giggle on your belly while swinging your feet behind you?  That really triggers my ASMR.  Thanks!"  Fetish requests don't really bother me (to each their own), and for the most part, most people aren't devious when making those kinds of requests. In fact, I have found that many people with fetish requests are super polite.  However, fetish requests disguised as ASMR requests do get under my skin.  While a foot fetish request may be easy to spot for a content creator, there have been others that have been better hidden, and executed by some kind ASMRtists, thinking they were helping someone with their triggers.  The manipulation of someone's heart is something that grates at me.  I don't want to say what these requests are, because I don't want to possibly make anyone who has done one feel negatively about their video, but I will tell you my own personal philosophy with requests:  If someone is oddly specific, or shares waaaaay more information than is necessary in efforts to persuade you to do something, or is strangely persistent, or is shopping the same request to lots of other asmrtists with the exact same flattering language, I pause and look deeper into what they are asking.  Sometimes it's a legitimate ASMR request---but sometimes, it's a disguised fetish request.  While a person's sexual pursuits are their own business and may be perfectly acceptable, manipulating an ASMRtist into doing something for those exploits via deceit, is not (IMHO).

Sometimes the nature of the internet (and specifically our little corner of it) can generate some invented competition and rumors about the people that exist in it.  There is also this "lore" that pops up from time to time...I don't know how to describe it any other way, hahaha.  Many times it involves people inventing their own timeline of events (such as who pioneered what idea or trigger), and then people fight about who is "best" by bashing other artists.  I have a lot of admiration for those content creators who correct people when this happens, and dissuade hate talk against other asmrtists (either by asking people to stop, or deleting hateful posts about other asmrtists on their videos).   Many of us are all friends/friendly with each other, and bashing one of my peers does not win points with me (nor does it with many others).  I know we can't all like everything everyone does, but I still respect those who put themselves out there to try and help people---and I respect those who don't try to make other asmrtists feel bad for not being their favorites.

There are also some random "urban legends" that seem to sprout up overnight.  I know that for a few months now, there is a rumor circulating that maintains that I am WhisperCrystal.  For the record, I am not WhisperCrystal.

 I am subbed to over 250 content creators (this number grows daily), and friends with many of them on facebook.  For the most part, people are very supportive of one another.  I think most people don't know how often we all interact with each other.  One thing I never anticipated was that fellow content creators would be part of some of the negative experiences/situations I would have, but sadly this is the case.   When I announced my surgery, the response to it was so massive, so loving, and made me cry, but for a good reason.  Not a single person even tried to troll me at that time---but it was a fellow ASMRtist who took a public dig at me for being open about what I was going through (something that was difficult for me to admit and talk about) while I was gone.

Another thing I have had to learn how to deal with, is the feeling I would get upon learning that someone was buying/botting subs and views.  When someone does this, it has no effect on anyone else.  It doesn't hurt you.  Their numbers have absolutely nothing to do with you.  However, knowing how hard people work to make their content, knowing how many hours go into each part of the process, knowing that there are AMAZING content creators out there who IMO deserve millions and millions of views and subscribers, but don't purchase them or "cheat"---sours me (and many others) to those that do.  I guess for me, I find it disrespectful to all those who put work into their channels.  Another content creator said something I agree with (when discussing the subject):  "Faking numbers by purchasing them takes away the voice of this community and skews what is real." So I want to say to the multitude of content creators that don't bot/buy views, that whether you get a bazillion subs/views, or a handful, I respect you so very much for doing it on your own.

Lastly, there are those who sometimes speak out against people trying new ways of creating videos (for example, using a green screen).  This always confuses me when I see it.  Trying to dissuade people from trying new things is nonsensical to me. We can be "movie makers" AND asmrtists (the two aren't mutually exclusive) and if anything, having different ways to enhance immersion and try new things will inspire more creativity and originality---not less. Trying to suppress or intimidate other channels from experimenting/doing whatever they want by invalidating their efforts as "not about ASMR" because you personally don't like it, has nothing to do with "the good of ASMR," and everything to do with personal bias. No one is the president or spokesperson for the amazingly diverse amount of minds that encompass this community. People who experiment with new things are not automatically going to be great at what they do, but the more they practice, the more chance for improvement there is. Personally, I am TERRIBLE at taking to learning tech stuff---but I will keep trying and experimenting, because I want to put out the best ASMR videos I possibly can.

Something I thought I would never have to do, is learn how to feel when recognized in person. This will be the first time hearing about this for all but 2 or 3 of you. When you are about to have surgery, you have to get blood work done beforehand. I went in to the place, and the lady who was drawing my blood said "I have something strange to ask you." I (who was looking away cause I didn't want to see my blood) said "WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY BLOOD?" She said " you make whisper videos?" I froze. I couldn't run away cause I had a needle in my arm. I said "Noooo?" She said "Yes you're Heather Feather." This distressed me like you wouldn't believe. Here I was, after taking so many precautions to make sure my privacy was safe, having my blood drawn by someone who watched my videos. Furthermore, after having my blood drawn, I had to give this lady a cup of my pee. 

I was mortified, and scared I was going to lose everything I had worked so hard to protect. I gave her a hug (she was super nice) and went home and cried. When I told my family and friends (and friends who were content creators), they all thought it was the funniest story ever. Later I received a message from the woman telling me not to worry, that everything that happened would remain with her, and she wished me well with my surgery. I feel very lucky that the first encounter I had with a viewer was with someone so nice and understanding.

Despite having to learn how to map out all these new spaces in my world, the perks to making videos far surpass the less enjoyable aspects.  I am doing something that makes me happy---truly happy---and it helps other people feel happy.  Doing for others what my favorite ASMRtists had done for me---and I can't describe that feeling.  I don't have anything else in my life that feels like that---it's easy to fall in love with.  You understand what people get out of it, cause you get the same thing out of it elsewhere.  It really is a vicious circle of helping.  You help others by helping yourself, and you help yourself by helping others.  It's beautiful.

Some great content creators have been feeling down lately, and I wanted to say that the experience of making videos is for you as much as it is for everyone else.  If you don't love it, you are allowed to take breaks for yourself without feeling bad, or walk away.  But if you do love making vids, enjoy exploring different techniques and exercising your creativity.  Try not to let numbers, hateful/entitled words, or anything stand in the way of doing what makes you happy.  You should be proud of your content no matter what anyone says, because your channel is a reflection of you. It's your creation.  That's your time and effort up there for all to see, and if you re helping just one person, you can be making a world of difference.  Keep your chins up.

As I look over this blog post, I realize that I wrote this with content creators (and people contemplating creating content) in mind as my readers (but of course everyone can read it).  I guess I want to conclude with some thank you's.  Thank you to those who stick it out and create content, and support one another.  It's not always easy, but it's always worth it.  Thank you for making videos that help me, and so many other people.  Thank you for helping me through some pretty dark times either through your videos or your friendships.

Thank you so much to the viewers.  I want you to know that you have given me more than you will ever know.  I read all your comments, and try my hardest to respond to as many as I can.  Your encouragement, support, kindness, humor, feedback, advice on tech issues, and shared experiences have been things that have helped me either with my channel, or with myself.  You guys have made me smile or laugh literally thousands of times, and that's priceless.  You help me.  You really do.  And I am insanely grateful for you.

And to those who are thinking about creating content:  some days are hard, some days are full of glitches, making a video takes so much longer than you may think it does, not everyone is nice, you will encounter trolls, creeps, and people who decide they hate you "just cause" (including content creators)---but if making videos makes you happy, then you will find that all those "flaws" are irrelevant.

 You'll see that the frustrations that accompany making a video, evaporate with the victory of completing one.

You'll find that people will notice how much time you put into your videos, and that acknowledgement will make you feel so proud and humbled that you get to have such meaningful and rewarding interactions with people.

You'll realize that even though some interactions with people won't be ideal, there are FAR more wonderful peers and viewers that are more than willing to lend an ear, a kind word, or hilarious comment,  than there are people who want to taint or take away your joy.  The good interactions overwhelmingly outnumber the less awesome ones.  And if you're lucky, you will meet people that will change your life, and make you feel "newer" and better than before they came into your life.  You have the opportunity to interact with so many different kinds of people, of all different ages---and even though they may be far away, they make your world feel less vast---it's a gift.

You don't have to give out personal information to connect with people.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Keep yourself safe and happy.  You deserve to be both.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Winners of the Giveaway

The following people won:

Deathofatiger1389---The Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone
Cynthugg123---A Wand
imlc123---A Wand
castlekiller157---A Wand
MickyLoveTiffany---A Wand
Expo175---2 Coasters
Jalenthedancer---2 Coasters
RckrGrl12010---2 Coasters
Sean Mcintier---Perler

I will message the winners via youtube (if your preferences allow me to---if not, it's your responsibility to get in contact with me).  You guys have until October 6th, 11:59pm EST to contact me with your information.  If you do not, I will have to choose a new winner.  

Thank you to everyone who entered.  I am sorry that I couldn't ship internationally, or that I couldn't give something to everyone.   I hope this next year I can repay you in tingles at least.  I appreciate every single one of you more than you know.  <3

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here are details about the giveaway

Terms for entering the giveaway:
1.  Must be a U.S. resident over the age of 13.
2.  All entries must be in by 12am EST September 27th.  No late entries will be accepted.

To enter:
Leave a comment on this video saying what items you would be interested in winning. For ex. "Just the microphone" or "The wands, the perlers, and the tiles" or "All of them!"  Please only comment once.

Things you need to know:
1. The prizes are:  One Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone with mounting hardware and muffs, 4 Wooden Magic Wands (one wand per wand winner), 6 Tile Coasters (2 Coasters per tile winner), and Perlers (sets established in the video).
2.  If you win, you are responsible for any additional equipment you may need, and any taxes you may have to pay.
3.  The video props (Perlers, Wands, and Tile Coasters) will be shipped without a return address.  Video Props may also arrive damaged (as they were made by me)---but I will do my very best to package them so they won't.
4.   I am going to film the drawings which will be done via a randomizing program to maintain the giveaway's integrity and transparency.  The first drawing will be for the microphone, and then the props will follow.  If your name is drawn, I will go to your comment to see if you wanted the item you have won. If so, It will be yours.  If not, your name will go back into the pool, and I will draw again.
5.  Winners will be announced within 3 days after Giveaway closes on the 27th.
6.  Winners have 7 days to contact me and claim their prize---if prize isn't claimed within 7 days of winners announcement, a new winner will be drawn.

Here is the website and instruction manual for the microphone.  If you have any questions about it, please read up on it, and make sure that it would be something you would be interested in winning.
3Dio Website:
Free Space Instruction Manual:

This is my first time doing something like this, and I wanted to be as thorough and fair as possible while giving people an opportunity to win.  This is also one of the VERY few times I am giving anything I've made out to other people.  I don't even give away my drawings of people, and as you can see, I hoard a mean stock of perlers.  :P  I was both super excited and nervous about doing this, because I wanted to be able to give gifts without compromising my sense of safety.  I needed viewers and content creators to know that I am grateful for all of them, and I felt like just saying "thanks" didn't carry enough weight for what I was feeling.

My 28th year was full of new and unexpected events.  I had never had surgery, and I had it twice that year.  I started a youtube channel on a whim.  I found something that made me happier than any other hobby.  I made a lot of new friends and forged new relationships with people I now hold very dear.  My 28th year was beautiful and scary, and I am grateful for every day I got to spend it doing something I love.  Thank you all for joining me on my journey, and letting me join you in my own limited way on yours.  <3

Monday, September 16, 2013


Guys.  I went shopping for a wig today.  I came back with nearly 20 props and no wig...and a new role play idea.  SO EXCITED to make it happen.  It's a great problem to have too many ideas  :D

Monday, September 9, 2013


So I have gotten some comments on my new Dental ASMR role play that the teeth were incorrectly identified.  I wanted to show you guys the identification slip that came with the mouth model I used (that I based the information off of).

The model is a wonky one I guess?  If you can't trust a huge model of the human mouth, who can you trust?


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Game of Thrones DIY Coasters

I said I would post these here in my ASMR DIY Coaster video.  I think they look pretty neat  :)

PS.  You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Monday, September 2, 2013

How It Feels To Find Others

As it gets closer to my channel's one year anniversary, I have been more reflective about how making videos has changed my life.

One of the ways I feel I've been so lucky, is with the friendships I have made.  I know many of you can relate when I say that it felt amazing to find ASMR videos, and realize other people experienced something you thought you were alone in.  I love being able to talk about ASMR with you, and make videos for you---cause you get it.  You get it.  And because you get it, I am afforded an opportunity to get to know you in other ways:  what shows you watch, what movies you saw as children, the toys you played with, the video games you love, the experiences you had as children and the experiences you had today are all bits of information that make this journey so incredibly unique and gratifying for me.  You also let me share a bit of myself with you...and I am so often greeted with enthusiasm, comradery and support, that it skewers my heart.  Factor in the larger purpose of being able to help others in the way I have been helped by other content creates a feeling I can't really explain, aside from saying it's untouchable.

I am also a part of the community of content creators.  Having the ability to relate to them, and share experiences with them has definitely helped me, and made me happier along the way.  In general, ASMR content creators are super supportive of one another (in nearly a year, I have only witnessed one out of hundreds who truly didn't fit this assessment), and I honestly don't know where my channel would be had it not been for the encouragement and help from other asmrtists.  From tech problems, to sound boarding, to sharing troll stories and well wishes---even helping me with what foods I could incorporate onto my grocery list to help me---other asmrtists have aided me in not only making videos, but enjoying every single part of making videos.  I have made a few great friends who are content creators.  Each one is so different, and I'm so grateful to have this kind of opportunity to meet such a diverse group of people and get to know them in the ways that I have.  Even when my computer is off, I still consider them friends.

Making videos also led me to my best friend, and I really don't know who I would be as a person without having met them...but I know that I would be "less" without having been able to share the moments that I have with them.  There are no words that could accurately describe how much of an impact this person has had on me.  This person carved a place in my soul, and it's so crazy to think that had I not gotten up from the couch on my birthday and made an ASMR video almost a year ago, I might not ever have met the person who changed my life, or all of you who have made EVERY single day so much more worthwhile.

I sincerely feel I have become a better person because of ASMR, starting my own channel, and meeting all of you (and the many more who don't read my blog).  ASMR helps me sleep, making videos lets me be creative and help people in an indescribably rewarding way, and meeting new people has helped me grow and learn about myself in ways I never anticipated.  I love this, guys.  I really love this.

Thanks for the 1-Up.  I appreciate the extra life this endeavor has given me.  Thank you for everything.

PS.  There is a chance I might get increasingly sentimental as my anniversary date approaches.  Brace yourselves.

Monday, August 26, 2013

My First One on One Live Interview Has Been Published. A Big Thank You To The Electric Feast!

I was interviewed by Corrigan Vaughan---an awesome lady who so super patient with me (I get nervous in interviews...hence the giggling).  I am really glad I had this experience, and got to talk about ASMR to a different audience.  I hope I did you guys proud.  :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My New Equipment: The Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone

If you have been with me from the beginning, you know I have gone through quite a bit of equipment to get here.  I started out recording on my point and shoot camera with a built in mic, on a stack of cat food cans.  It's a great camera (that I still use---just not for ASMR vids), but it created a substantial amount of white noise, and would begin to lag after 3-5 mins of taping---so I would have to stop every 4 mins or so, to right it.

Then Santa brought me a bunch of new mics:  The Yeti, some that I could clip to my shirt if I wanted, and a binaural one that I couldn't wait to try out.  Unfortunately when I tried to use it, it was plagued by a pervasive buzzing.  I was very lucky to have people helping me trouble shoot, but ultimately I ended up spending more money on another binaural mic, and additional equipment to make that mic work---and I still had to contend with the heinously evil lap top fan that loved to go on full blast when I wanted to record.  This made it impossible for me to not have to put my audio through Audacity's noise removal, which (IMHO) butchered the integrity of the sounds I was trying to create.

I was never completely happy with the binaural audio I was putting out.  I would put so much time and effort into each video, and then still feel the need to apologize for it---and that was very frustrating for me.  Making effective ASMR videos is something I truly love and want to do, and I wanted to be proud of the work I was putting out.  I really hated saying "sorry about the laptop fan" or "sorry about the buzzing" or "sorry about the sound quality"---I wanted to put out something where I wasn't compelled to say "sorry."

My laptop eventually bit the dust (RIP) and I ended up borrowing even worse off laptops from others (which did nothing to help my binaural recordings).  I had mulled about getting new equipment for months.  I didn't know if I wanted to get a new lap top, or try recording with a tablet, or what---but the Free Space Pro solved that for me.

The mic can be found here:

The mic has ears.  Seriously.  The mics are inside the ears, not only helping to create more accurate 3D sound---but making it so much harder to create abrasive breathing noises by talking near it (something I try to do a lot, since ear to ear videos are so triggering for people).  I also no longer have to contend with mounting a dummy head on the tripod with tape and Velcro, and fighting against the wires from them that are connected to a lap top---the mic is powered by a single battery---no strings attached.  AND it mounts to a standard tripod!!!!!  I got mine with mounting hardware (specifically made for the mic), so that my camera is fastened in front of the mic, my recording device is at the back, and the whole thing is conveniently and (more importantly) SECURELY mounted to the tripod.  No more tape.  No more Velcro.  No more dummy head falling and taking my binaural mics with it.  No more trying to carve pits into dummy heads for the camera to sit in.  The Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone has simplified filming for me...I like simplification...I like it so much.


It has made editing easier for me too.  Because of the sound quality of the mic, I don't have to edit any of my audio in Audacity anymore.  I keep the raw audio and do my normal video editing.  No more playing with levels, normalization, high pass filters---nada.  There's no buzzing to remove.  There's no laptop fan to fight with.  All the grounding issues and background noise troubles I had are now moot.  And I can listen to it with headphones whenever I want while recording---I don't have to go stop Audacity and do playbacks throughout filming.  I might propose to this mic...I might need to marry it.  :P

You guys know I'm not tech savvy at all---so it doesn't hurt that all you have to do is turn on your recording device (I use the ZH4N), turn on the Free Space Pro, and press record.  However, if you did have questions about operations, the website has everything written out for you.  Many of you might remember that I couldn't get my original binaural mics working for two months (and I had some fantastic people helping me).  The 3DIO website has everything you could want to know written there for anyone to see.  I think that's pretty decent, considering my original mics came with no instructions, and I eventually needed to buy additional equipment for it.

Lastly, the mic is portable!  Now if I want to, I can take my tripod outside and record the night.  I can sit in my car during a shower, and record every drop hitting my roof.  I can record roasting marshmallows around a fire pit if I wanted, or even take it to the beach---because I am not tied to plugs, or laptop batteries that die in less than an hour (grrrrr).

I am writing all this for a reason.  When I first started looking for binaural mics to buy (in December of 2012), I was largely on my own.  People didn't really talk about what mics they were using.  It was only after I received help from ASMRByDesign that I was referred to a new mic I could use (though never fully to my satisfaction).  One of the most common questions I am asked is "What mic do you use?"  Having been in that position before, I know that shopping for equipment (especially if you have no prior knowledge about it at all *cough ME cough*) can be daunting.  So I wanted to give you my perspective on something that has made me happy, because it makes creating content easier, has opened up new possibilities and locations for filming, and it allows me to be more satisfied with the work I put out.  This mic has helped me, and maybe this information can help you (content creators or people thinking about creating content)---It is my hope that it will help my viewers relax, tingle, and fall asleep.