Friday, December 20, 2013

Thanks for helping me stay motivated

I don't usually post comments I get on here (unless they make me cackle...cause you guys are pretty funny sometimes), but I want to post this piece of one. It made me tear up: 

"It's good to find others to rest your head on (even from afar), and I'm mighty glad I've found you. You were my very first ASMRtist, and it was like finding my own personal guardian to watch over me at night."

I know I tell you all that your comments mean a lot to me, and I hope you know how much I mean it. I was just griping to my friend about how frustrated I am with my inability to figure out tech stuff on my own, and how much anxiety I have been having about putting out the RP I have been working on, so I went to my channel to try to respond to some comments to give my mind a break from feeling nervous. I found that one. It was like a gentle nudge to get out of the pity party I was throwing for myself, and get back to work.

Thank you. You don't know how much you help me. Let the editing continue!