Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Concerning the Release of Departure

Hey everyone. I have been getting a lot of concerned comments/messages, and some very dramatic spam about Departure. I want you to know a few things: Like all of you I have been looking forward to the release of Departure Part 2. I have no intimate knowledge of the progress of THIS video but I can tell you from my own experiences that glitches, delays, hiccups, errors, etc. happen in video/audio production---and they suuuuck. I know the level of pride I feel when putting my work up, especially a project I put A LOT of time into, and knowing Ally, I suspect she feels the same. My guess is that if it were not some other likely circumstances she would have released it. Though I have no knowledge of the current status of the video, I do know that Ally has worked really hard on her project, and most definitely hasn't forgotten about her friends and viewers. We are all going to have to wait this out together---peacefully and respectfully. Lastly, if you come onto my channel and try to instigate conflict with my viewers or spam my videos, you will find yourself removed.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just Finished Editing The Top ASMR Triggers of 2013 Video

Just so you don't think I have forgotten about the Top Triggers of 2013 Video---I just finished editing. Being sick for those few days set me back, but I did it. Now just to render. Btw this is the result of 5 hours of filming 60+ triggers. Every line you see is an edit.