Sunday, September 29, 2013

Winners of the Giveaway

The following people won:

Deathofatiger1389---The Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone
Cynthugg123---A Wand
imlc123---A Wand
castlekiller157---A Wand
MickyLoveTiffany---A Wand
Expo175---2 Coasters
Jalenthedancer---2 Coasters
RckrGrl12010---2 Coasters
Sean Mcintier---Perler

I will message the winners via youtube (if your preferences allow me to---if not, it's your responsibility to get in contact with me).  You guys have until October 6th, 11:59pm EST to contact me with your information.  If you do not, I will have to choose a new winner.  

Thank you to everyone who entered.  I am sorry that I couldn't ship internationally, or that I couldn't give something to everyone.   I hope this next year I can repay you in tingles at least.  I appreciate every single one of you more than you know.  <3

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here are details about the giveaway

Terms for entering the giveaway:
1.  Must be a U.S. resident over the age of 13.
2.  All entries must be in by 12am EST September 27th.  No late entries will be accepted.

To enter:
Leave a comment on this video saying what items you would be interested in winning. For ex. "Just the microphone" or "The wands, the perlers, and the tiles" or "All of them!"  Please only comment once.

Things you need to know:
1. The prizes are:  One Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone with mounting hardware and muffs, 4 Wooden Magic Wands (one wand per wand winner), 6 Tile Coasters (2 Coasters per tile winner), and Perlers (sets established in the video).
2.  If you win, you are responsible for any additional equipment you may need, and any taxes you may have to pay.
3.  The video props (Perlers, Wands, and Tile Coasters) will be shipped without a return address.  Video Props may also arrive damaged (as they were made by me)---but I will do my very best to package them so they won't.
4.   I am going to film the drawings which will be done via a randomizing program to maintain the giveaway's integrity and transparency.  The first drawing will be for the microphone, and then the props will follow.  If your name is drawn, I will go to your comment to see if you wanted the item you have won. If so, It will be yours.  If not, your name will go back into the pool, and I will draw again.
5.  Winners will be announced within 3 days after Giveaway closes on the 27th.
6.  Winners have 7 days to contact me and claim their prize---if prize isn't claimed within 7 days of winners announcement, a new winner will be drawn.

Here is the website and instruction manual for the microphone.  If you have any questions about it, please read up on it, and make sure that it would be something you would be interested in winning.
3Dio Website:
Free Space Instruction Manual:

This is my first time doing something like this, and I wanted to be as thorough and fair as possible while giving people an opportunity to win.  This is also one of the VERY few times I am giving anything I've made out to other people.  I don't even give away my drawings of people, and as you can see, I hoard a mean stock of perlers.  :P  I was both super excited and nervous about doing this, because I wanted to be able to give gifts without compromising my sense of safety.  I needed viewers and content creators to know that I am grateful for all of them, and I felt like just saying "thanks" didn't carry enough weight for what I was feeling.

My 28th year was full of new and unexpected events.  I had never had surgery, and I had it twice that year.  I started a youtube channel on a whim.  I found something that made me happier than any other hobby.  I made a lot of new friends and forged new relationships with people I now hold very dear.  My 28th year was beautiful and scary, and I am grateful for every day I got to spend it doing something I love.  Thank you all for joining me on my journey, and letting me join you in my own limited way on yours.  <3

Monday, September 16, 2013


Guys.  I went shopping for a wig today.  I came back with nearly 20 props and no wig...and a new role play idea.  SO EXCITED to make it happen.  It's a great problem to have too many ideas  :D

Monday, September 9, 2013


So I have gotten some comments on my new Dental ASMR role play that the teeth were incorrectly identified.  I wanted to show you guys the identification slip that came with the mouth model I used (that I based the information off of).

The model is a wonky one I guess?  If you can't trust a huge model of the human mouth, who can you trust?


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Game of Thrones DIY Coasters

I said I would post these here in my ASMR DIY Coaster video.  I think they look pretty neat  :)

PS.  You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Monday, September 2, 2013

How It Feels To Find Others

As it gets closer to my channel's one year anniversary, I have been more reflective about how making videos has changed my life.

One of the ways I feel I've been so lucky, is with the friendships I have made.  I know many of you can relate when I say that it felt amazing to find ASMR videos, and realize other people experienced something you thought you were alone in.  I love being able to talk about ASMR with you, and make videos for you---cause you get it.  You get it.  And because you get it, I am afforded an opportunity to get to know you in other ways:  what shows you watch, what movies you saw as children, the toys you played with, the video games you love, the experiences you had as children and the experiences you had today are all bits of information that make this journey so incredibly unique and gratifying for me.  You also let me share a bit of myself with you...and I am so often greeted with enthusiasm, comradery and support, that it skewers my heart.  Factor in the larger purpose of being able to help others in the way I have been helped by other content creates a feeling I can't really explain, aside from saying it's untouchable.

I am also a part of the community of content creators.  Having the ability to relate to them, and share experiences with them has definitely helped me, and made me happier along the way.  In general, ASMR content creators are super supportive of one another (in nearly a year, I have only witnessed one out of hundreds who truly didn't fit this assessment), and I honestly don't know where my channel would be had it not been for the encouragement and help from other asmrtists.  From tech problems, to sound boarding, to sharing troll stories and well wishes---even helping me with what foods I could incorporate onto my grocery list to help me---other asmrtists have aided me in not only making videos, but enjoying every single part of making videos.  I have made a few great friends who are content creators.  Each one is so different, and I'm so grateful to have this kind of opportunity to meet such a diverse group of people and get to know them in the ways that I have.  Even when my computer is off, I still consider them friends.

Making videos also led me to my best friend, and I really don't know who I would be as a person without having met them...but I know that I would be "less" without having been able to share the moments that I have with them.  There are no words that could accurately describe how much of an impact this person has had on me.  This person carved a place in my soul, and it's so crazy to think that had I not gotten up from the couch on my birthday and made an ASMR video almost a year ago, I might not ever have met the person who changed my life, or all of you who have made EVERY single day so much more worthwhile.

I sincerely feel I have become a better person because of ASMR, starting my own channel, and meeting all of you (and the many more who don't read my blog).  ASMR helps me sleep, making videos lets me be creative and help people in an indescribably rewarding way, and meeting new people has helped me grow and learn about myself in ways I never anticipated.  I love this, guys.  I really love this.

Thanks for the 1-Up.  I appreciate the extra life this endeavor has given me.  Thank you for everything.

PS.  There is a chance I might get increasingly sentimental as my anniversary date approaches.  Brace yourselves.