Monday, June 16, 2014

Content Update Concerning My ASMR Channel

Hello everyone!  Some of you may already know that my comp died.  It doesn't matter what I do, it's never going to bend to my will again. 

Thankfully with the help of my patrons on Patreon, I am not completely hopeless!  I am able to buy myself a new computer, and while it isn't the dream build we all were hoping for, I'm told it's going to be a pretty great build (thank you so much to those who helped me with the tech advice---I'd be SO lost without you.  Special shout out to Quiettime Tutor).

So I am working with people and making finalizations on this machine, then it has to get built, and shipped to me. I might pay extra for faster shipping, but it will still take weeks for this new system to get here. Until it gets here and I learn how to navigate it, I am going to be on borrowed time and equipment---using a computer at a friend's house when I can.  I am on someone else's schedule and using equipment that isn't used to video editing and rendering.  This friend is being VERY patient and understanding with me, and I don't want to overstep my bounds by hounding them for their computer after they get home from work.

So here's what I'm going to be doing:  I am going to put out audio only vids for a while.  Sound Slices, A Dark Feather Sound Slice, some audio only Sound Assortments---stuff like that.  That way, I won't have the extra editing and rendering time for visuals.  As soon as the new comp is up and running, I will be creating regular vids again (I have a role play planned that includes some people you may know that I am excited to get to you).  But until the new rig arrives, I think this is the best way for me to continue to put out content without putting out my friend.

Because of this change to my access to a comp, I am going to have to schedule my uploads (Youtube has a feature that lets you do that)---which means I won't physically be clicking "Publish" like I normally do.  I am not going to have the same time available to me to respond to comments, so if you see less of me in the comments sections, it's not cause I don't care---it's because I don't have a comp at my fingertips to respond to you---and when I do have a comp to use at my friend's house, I am most likely going to be editing my face off (since I only have it for a limited time).  I don't want you guys to think that I am not reading your comments, or that I don't want to respond.  Engaging with you all has always been something I have enjoyed and had a lot of fun with, and I am going to miss it a bit.  This is simply just a transitional period for equipment, and I will be back to normal as soon as the new comp arrives.

Thanks for understanding, and again, THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with this (via Patreon, Reddit, messages, advice, time, and encouragement). I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  And I will not forget it.

I forget nothing.  O_o