Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Milestone And 9 Month ASMR Anniversary...so Happy ASMRversary?

In just under 9 months, I have hit a subscriber milestone.  I am beyond happy, and incredibly grateful to every single person that has joined me on this journey thus far.

When I first started making videos, I went into it wanting to give back, but I wanted to do it my way.  I made long videos, and I got quite a bit of criticism for it.  I remember I had a few people in the ASMR subreddit who flat out said they would downvote my videos because they were an hour or more long, and that I must "be an attention whore with no life" for doing what I do.  I didn't stop though...in fact...I think I made an hour and half video after someone said that, mwahahaha. http://media.tumblr.com/7a409ff19beb2546be5efc78d7921675/tumblr_inline_mlvk76AZNd1qz4rgp.gif

I have definitely changed a lot since I started my channel. I have gotten so much more comfortable being myself in front of the lens, because so many of you have made my channel a warm and welcoming place.   Recently, I have really enjoyed sharing who I am with you guys (as far as things I love).  It's been so much fun fangirling about Kingdom Hearts 3, Sherlock, Adventure Time, etc, and finding people that feel similarly and share my excitement/joy.

The world can be too big and so small, depending on the day.  We all have our own worlds within the world, that we create and occupy.  My ASMR journey has opened my world up---but this doesn't feel overwhelmingly vast---it feels like a little home we have made...I hope that makes sense.  I have so many new friends, and friends who have been with me since the beginning (when I see their user names, I feel comforted because I "know" them).  It has been a pleasure getting to do something I love so much with people I appreciate even more.  I know this is sappy, just let me get it out.  http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m47cv4qT2z1qii6tmo1_400.gif

I am trying to say thank you, but I have never been the best at utilizing words in a way I think best represents my feelings...and so I always feel indebted.  This situation is no different.  I hope you know how happy this has made me, and I will do everything I can to repay you for it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try and ASMR you.  Thank you for allowing me to explore different and sometimes weird ways to trigger you (trying new types of role plays, playing with repetitive sounds and words (sksksk, ok, good, perfect, palpate,etc), creating characters that sometimes have devious motives, etc).  Thank you for trying to find the Easter Eggs that I have so much fun hiding in my videos.  Thank you for all the encouragement, support, and friendships you have given me.  Thank you for giving me excuses to play with things again...I can't stress enough how much I have enjoyed revisiting my past.  Thank you for the nostalgia.  Thank you for the laughs.    Thank you for the sleep (fellow content creators).  Thank you for everything.  <3  http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maz9t25vXO1rxmai6o1_250.gif

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Channel Setting and Banner

Youtube is making me convert over to their new Channel Settings :( .  I don't like change very much, but it does give me an opportunity to create some banner art for my channel.  I decided to use a fabulous drawing made for me by a channel subscriber named Celia.  I have edited it some so that it will fit into YouTube's banner specifications.

This is how it would look if you viewed my channel on your tv (the banner portion would only be  a strip through the middle)

I am very grateful for this piece, and I hope that Celia knows that I am still very honored---so much so, that I continue to use her work in my channel.
You can check out the new banner and channel layout here