Saturday, March 23, 2013

Give Me Tiiiiime

It's been a rough week for me, and the next one is likely to be as well.  I have some pretty cool stuff I am working on, but I am struggling to find the time to do them all in the time frame necessary.  Part of the problem is the rendering time on my laptop.  It takes about 20 mins to render a 5 min clip.  Multiply that but 10 or 15 clips, and that's my render time for each video.  I think I am going to have to invest in a new computer, and it saddens me to have to spend more money...but I am also excited to have some time back in my hands to get ahead of myself, go back out in the world, and sleep hahaha.  A lot of you may have seen me up at unholy hours---many times, that's me rendering.  In fact, I am writing this while rendering.  This is my Saturday night.

I am not the only person who works hard on their videos.  Lots of people put money into their channels, but I think sometimes we forget about how much time goes into making a video.  Time can often be more valuable.  We talk to a camera instead of talking to the people we love.  We stay inside monitoring the progress on a screen instead of feeling the sun.  We make insane messes (prepping and executing videos) that require clean up and work, instead of kicking back and relaxing on the couch.

And we do this because we love it.  But sometimes it's hard not to get overwhelmed by how much time there isn't to do all the other things we love as well.  Add that to the negative feedback people can leave, and it sometimes can feel like people are saying you wasted your time.  I have seen a lot of content creators getting down over comments from trolls, and I although I might be part troll (on my mother's side), I'm not immune to being annoyed at the recent influx of negativity.  As ASMR becomes more talked about/known, the viewers will increase, and so will the trolls.  When there are a lot of them, it makes it harder to keep giving your time so willingly.  It becomes a chore.

This is why I treasure supportive comments so much.  What may take a person a few seconds to write, helps keep my head in a positive place.  Every supportive comment translates into "your time is worth something to me, so much so, that I am giving up some of mine to watch it and write this."  That's a special kind of exchange.  It means something.

So I guess what this ramble amounts to, is appreciation for all those giving their time; content creator and viewer alike.  If you are a viewer, thank you so much for making this experience feel like a beautiful use of my time.  If you are an asmrtist, thank you for helping me stop time and rest.  I value the seconds, minutes, and hours, you all give up to make others happier.  

"Time flies like an arrow;  fruit flies like a banana."---Anthony Oettinger 

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Male ASMR Content Creators

There are people who can only be triggered by a certain sex---that's perfectly fine, there's not much you can do when your body will only have an ASMR response to certain things (much in the way that some people can't be triggered by role plays, or unintentional vids, etc).  I used to think I was the same way---before I started making my own content, I generally only went to female asrmtists for my tingles.  However, when I became an active member of this endeavor that so many work at, I became more open to considering different sources---because really, who wouldn't want tingles from anywhere they could get them? The more trigger sources, the better, right?  As someone who is completely dependent on ASMR videos for my own ability to sleep, I like having a deep pool of resources to dive into when I go to bed.  I have never experienced "asmr immunity" even though I tend to listen to multiple videos a night, and I think that having such a variety might have something to do with it.

Male content creators work hard.  Some people avoid their videos because they think hearing a man do a nurturing or personal attention role play will make them uncomfortable.  The men have gender stereotypes they have to work against---not only from the people who watch their vids who turn around and say "I just can't listen to a man do this"---but from the people who won't even click their videos once they see the sex of the asmrtist.  They also have ignorant assumptions that are made about them(because of the content they choose to make), that they have to learn to combat, ignore, or laugh off.  Female content creators can tend to get lots of inappropriate comments, but the males are no strangers to it either; and sometimes the level of aggression is increased towards a male asmrtist.

Male videos have all the trigger potential of those of their female counterparts.  They do personal attention role plays, sounds, unboxing, camera brushing, etc.  You can also find some VERY unique content on male channels, because like many content creators, some males bring their personal experiences to the ASMR table.  In addition to the "classics," you can find some really inventive and interesting demonstrative content.  I would like to discuss a couple of my personal go-to channels (in no particular order), and then list the male channels I am subscribed to (also in no order), in the hopes that you might explore them, and perhaps find a new source of sublime sedation.

This content creator's name is Robert, and his channel has a huge variety of videos to choose from. He has his own mixology series where he takes viewer requests, and demonstrates how to make their favorite drinks (based on his knowledge and experience as a bartender). He also has some fantastic medical role plays, sound assortment videos, page turning, situational background noises, guided relaxations, rambles, and two AMAZING drumming vids that will trigger your head off.  His upload rate is frequent and consistent.  Robert has a unique voice---it's versatile in that it can convey assertion in a very calming/nurturing way.  He is well spoken and articulate, and lends much to the discussion of ASMR.  He has contributed a few videos that not only trigger, but make your soul feel better (see his more recent "ASMR for self help").

This content creator's name is Nick, and he has a tremendous background in sound design.  Because of his extensive knowledge, Nick creates layered soundscapes (sound experiences) from the ground up.  His binaural videos are some of the highest quality I've ever come across---everything sounds crisp and clear.  This is because Nick spends an enormous amount of time perfecting his content, working meticulously to create the most effective balance.  In addition to these masterpieces, Nick has page turning, puzzles, legos, cooking, and rambling videos to choose from.  He also has a very personal video that has touched many people's hearts and given them a sense of understanding and acceptance (the third video he made).

This content creator's name is Tony, and he is a very consistent asmrtist.  He puts work into his videos, and they are almost always incredibly successful for me.  Tony has a voice that could melt mountains, and a sense of humor that adds to my enjoyment of his videos.  His channel features one of the widest variety of role plays I've ever come across:  make over, telemarketer, medical, shave, masquerade, hair name it, he's got it.  He also has sound videos, rambles, and other displaying/demonstrative videos---and has been doing more recent videos with a binaural (3D) mic, that has left me with no choice but to watch his role plays over and over.

Grey Wolf:
Grey Wolf is another content creator who has role plays that hit me right in the spine (that's where I feel the tingles more often than anywhere else).  His voice, demeanor, and movements are incredibly calming to me.  His channel features medical role plays, rambles, guided relaxations, sound experimentation, and book discussions.

Whisper Mister:
Many people know Fred already.  He's a content creator with a beautiful accent, and a very gentle way about him.  His channel includes:  baking, unwrapping/unboxing, rambling, haircut/shave role plays, an eye exam, cranial nerve exam, and personal shopper role plays, among others.  He's been creating content for a year now, and his videos have that spark that makes you smile as you're falling asleep.  Also, if you haven't gathered---he whispers every now and then.  :P

Danny Docile:
Danny is a newer content creator, but upon seeing his first video, I quickly subscribed.  He has a great voice and whisper, but his humor really comes through in his videos.  Whenever I see a new upload, I know I am going to laugh and tingle.  Danny has a very clever way about him, and you can tell he enjoys creating content---which he does frequently.  His channel features rambling, and role plays that I guarantee you've never seen.  Danny has been a bank robber, the Prime Minister, death, a questionably qualified doctor, a can tell he has fun creating these very "twisty" scenarios that manage to be interesting while triggering.

I wish I could write about every male asrmtist, because they are all worth mentioning.  I am subscribed to A LOT, and for good reason.  Unfortunately I can't go through them all in length, so hopefully linking them will make up for that.  Here is the list of channels I am currently subbed to (again, in no particular order---and I did not go through each one to see their last upload date---so some will be more active than others).  I am not intentionally leaving anyone out, and welcome any responses that point me in the direction of another great male content creator I may have missed.  Obviously, not every channel will work for you, as we all experience ASMR differently.  I hope you find a channel, or handfuls of channels that help you on your quest to Tingle Town and Sleep City.   <_<  That's pretty cheesy, huh?  I'm not sorry!  NO REGRETS!   :P

3D Whispers:
Andrew Whisper:
Veltonar TV:
Cerulean ASMR:
Bill MaxVoxPax:
Ephemeral Rift:
Em Korczak:
Black Rabbit Whispers:
Happy Whisper Man aka Gently Spoken:
Liberty Whispers:
Massage & ASMR:
ASMR Gaffer:
Stephen SonographicSoothe:
Cosmic Asimar's Universe:
s g collins:

Monday, March 11, 2013

See? It's a lamp. :P

There was a little bit of a mystery in some of my more recent vids, concerning the green "egg" object in the background.  The "egg" was half of an antique lamp.  Just a lamp.  It's just a lamp, hahahaha.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Aftermath of the Haircut Role Play

You would not believe how much mousse I got all over myself, the table, a towel, and my socks...yup.