Monday, December 9, 2013

New ASMR SCIENCE Video is out. Welcome back to the laboratory. Let me test your 5 senses, yeah?

I hope you guys like it.  I had the pleasure of cooperating with 17 other content creators to make the beginning of this video, and I would like to thank them for participating on such short notice.  HUGE thanks go to:

 (in order of appearance)
ASMR Angel  0:19-0:23
VioletsVoice   0:24-0:28
Danny Docile  0:29-0:33
Ardra Neala  0:29-0:33
thatASMRchick   0:36-0:40
 MyMiridion  0:41-0:45
ASMRrequests  0:46-0:50
VisualSounds1  0:52-0:56
DeeplyRelaxing  0:52-0:56
Hailey WhisperingRose  0:59-1:03
SillyLittleTingles  1:04-1:08
WhisperMister1  1:11-1:15
Softly Sharry 1:19-1:23
17MissCoco  1:26-1:30
Brittany ASMR  1:26-1:30
ShiverMeTingles  1:31-1:35
JustAWhisperingGuy  1:48-1:52

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