Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Commenting System on Youtube

Hey everyone.  I wanted to let you know that Youtube is rolling out some crazy changes---one of which, concerns comments.  Youtube is not allowing me to reply to nearly all comments on my videos.  Most comments do not even have a reply option.  From what I understand, all comments from before the 7th are readable only, and even the ones from the 7th are not all available to me.  The "in reply to" link (that would normally allow you or me to see what someone is responding to) is completely useless.  Also, we are no longer getting comment notifications in our inboxes.  Basically, Youtube just made it a lot harder and less efficient for us to interact with our viewers.

I want you to know that even though I cannot respond to the majority of them, I did read your comments, and I truly appreciate them  Please bear with me as we go through these Youtube changes together...I hear it's going to get a bit more hairy this week.


  1. aaaaaaargh!!! so many communities are getting miffed by this...
    I follow asmr, roleplaying and wargaming, as well as odd other people from outside those boundaries in makeup, religion/theology/philosophy and other stuff...

    I am getting a bit fed up of this. change is great when it is progressive... I don't know what they are doing but I hope they fix this one. much love and thanks..

  2. This is known as teething pain; give it a week or 2 and it will feel normal again... I hope. They are trying to cutover the comment system to help stop trolling and also make people use G+, this is meant to help with fake accounts, good luck with that google. There isn't any good video site competitor. With the Partnership program it will keep content creators uploading and viewers coming back. Now they want to get people on the social site and feed them more ads. I wouldn't be surprised if they do some kind of G+ Partnership program in the future.

  3. Patience is a virtue on this one. The comment system got upgraded for Blogger as well awhile back. Youtube is the recent one. I think it's part of the bigger unification of all services.

    In so much as notifications - it's tied to a Google+ account (which you already have and are posting to) so in order to get Youtube comment thread notifications, I would try setting up Account Settings for your Google+ Page to see if that works.

    Now, as far as the inability to comment on things older than 7 days, there may be a trick to this ->

    Whatever their name is in the comment, so let's say yours is Heather Feather on Google+ (as I just looked at your page) and you made a comment to me 8 days ago and I want to reply to it... then I just write a new update with +Heather Feather and it should pop up your name just like +Will Burns would likely pop up my name. Then you just make sure it's not a Public post (if you wanted to respond in private).

    Takes a little getting used to with the unification. A lot of people aren't familiar with Google+ outside of the existing G+ users, so different methodologies seem like a total shock to the system.

    _In theory_ the comment system also allows for *text formatting* on Blogger as well, but I've already tested it with Youtube and it works. If you're seeing underscores and asterisk instead of italic and bold, then it doesn't work on Blogger.

    Hope this helps out a bit with the frustration :)

  4. I'm not sure how past comments are affected by these changes. I see that comment notifications are part of G+ notifications. My YouTube inbox is not loading.

  5. I cant steal your Jim Halpert .gif and it's really pissing me off. grahhhhh!

    1. here you go :P

  6. Oh my God This Had Me Laughing Soooo Hard in the midst of the night....awww I hope if ever my neighbors are filming ASMR like you, I didn't disturb them. The pics you chose are epic.

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