Monday, November 10, 2014

Looking for new ASMR content creators? Here are some I recommend! Making It Rain Tingles (Part 1)

I am subscribed to around 400 ASMRtists (atm).  I love having lots of options and seeing the different ways so many unique and awesome people make content to trigger others.  I thought I would maybe start sharing some videos/channels from other content creators that work for me.  Obviously I cannot talk about every single content creator in one blog post, so I will do a handful or two at a time.  Feel free to leave anyone you've found and highly recommend in the comments!

Accidentally Graceful's amaaaaazing short ASMR film "The Shift"

17MissCoco's "Making Nails"

17MissCoco's "Follow The Pen"

albinwhisperland's "Morticia Adams Does Your Makeup"

ASMR BEARD's "Trigger Words"

ASMR Barber's Channel Trailer

ArtSMR Dianne's "Strass Stone Book Tapping"

ASMattR's "999 Happy Haunts" ASMR Collaboration

asmr Yacyama's "Covering Your Ears With Binaural Fizzing Sounds"

Air Light ASMR's "Multilayered Tapping, Scratching, Unintelligible ASMR"

I think ten is a good number to start with.  If you don't see someone you love up here, it doesn't mean I don't love them too---I just want to pace it on the blog, so people don't feel inundated.  I think this way people can explore some (possibly) new material they've not seen yet, and I will try to update the blog frequently with these kinds of posts so you can discover more.  You are always welcome to post suggestions for other channels in the comments for others (and myself) to discover.  Happy Viewing!  :D


  1. Thank you for sharing Heather,
    I just popped by to say congratulations on your youtube award!!! You deserve it. You're beautiful, your talented, and your funny. God bless. Hugz!

    1. I wanted to add that accidentally Graceful is very talented, good actress she is as well. She should work with Stephen King not only just to act but on the sound and image workings of a film. I love Stephen King and that beginning scene where she is humming "Dream and Little Dream" was very Stephen King-esk! Lurved it!

      I have been having a premonition as of late that they are going to begin using ASMR in the big film industry, along with the 3d movies for a more immersive experience. Don't be surprised when you start seeing this happen in theaters, not only will they will having the 3d glasses, but there will be headphones connected to the seats. I see it and it will come to pass.

      I also see more amazing events and experiences await for you Heather.

  2. Hi Heather,
    Just wanted to say I have only been aware of ASMR (and that I have it) for less than a week -- I am always a bit behind on things! I won't bore you with details, just the standard "heard about it, looked it up, read about it, said 'Hey that sounds like that thing that used to happen to me when...'" But suffice to say, 5 days later I have watched/listened to tons of videos including many, many of yours. I have felt so much peace and enjoyment from this I feel it could be life-changing. And in addition to your being a wonderful practitioner of sounds and sound experiences, one reason I appreciate your work so much is that it so perfectly embodies something I have found in a lot of people who practice what you do, namely that the work is done with a spirit of genuine caring and generosity that makes it so much more fulfilling. What a gift to share! Thank you!

  3. Video embeds your using dont seem to work on anything android. I use the bloger app to read blogs. But i may not be a typical user. Just fyi