Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cutebunny992 is back! An Original Gangster of ASMR Returns!

The return of the bunny!  

ASMR has grown a lot in the last 5 years.  There are hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions at this point) of people who watch ASMR videos now.  Some of you might have been around a handful of years ago, and might remember Cutebunny.  Some of you might have no idea what I am talking about.  

Cutebunny is an OG of ASMR.  She was one of the first channels I ever subscribed to (waaaaaaaay before I became a content creator).  Cutebunny made a role play of something I had never heard of before---something called a "cranial nerve examination."  It triggered my face off.  Hundreds of times.  Even now, years later, it still triggers me.

Cutebunny's name is Marianne, and she is responsible for the popularization of Cranial Nerve Examination Role Plays.  Her CNE RP triggered hundreds of thousands of people without a binaural microphone, without an HD camera, without any special effects, back when ASMR videos on Youtube weren't common at all, and the genre was in its infancy.  It was just her voice and her movements, and it worked wonders.  

Some terrible things happened to her channel, and Cutebunny disappeared.  Had she stayed, I have no doubts that she would have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.  Some people uploaded her videos to Youtube, and even then, they garnered over a million views in total.  One could argue that her introduction and popularization of the cranial nerve exam role play helped contribute to the growth of ASMR as a whole.  CNE's are among the most common, effective, and popular types of ASMR videos, and this woman had a direct influence on that.

Her CNE wasn't the only video she made that attracted obscene amounts of people to ASMR, and inspired hundreds of content creators (myself included).  You might also know of a video called "Let Me ASMR You" that has inspired other ASMRtists to make their own versions.  She was a prolific content creator who had a nice variety of videos (including some great teaching role plays, and videos in Greek as well).  It has been three years since she disappeared.  I am so happy to share that she's back!

Cutebunny understands ASMR, and seems to be naturally inclined to trigger it.  I think she deserves a huge warm welcome back to the community that she helped build and was forced to leave.  Please check out her channel Cutebunny992 and say hello to someone who (though she may not even realize it) is partly responsible for making the ASMR video genre what it is today.  I hope that she stays, and I can't wait to see what she brings to the table in the future.  


  1. Thank you Heather. Hope you are doing well. Blessings to you, and huggles. ☺

  2. You are a very nice person Heather :)

  3. She’s really hit her stride since coming back, hasn’t she, Heather? Thank you tons for tweeting out the link to this blog post a couple months or so back. She really is a savant.