Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Making It Rain Tingles Part 2! Looking for new ASMR content creators? Here are some more I recommend!

Last week I started a little blog series that I am going to try my best to keep up with.  In it, I share other content creators' vids that work for me (about 10 at a time) to possibly help you find new sources for ASMR.  Here is another batch for your viewing pleasure!  I hope you find some new content creators that work for you!

Ardra Neala's BEAUTIFUL "Binaural Psionic Initiation Role Play"

AnkieAsmr Tingling's "Getting Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes Colored Role Play"

ASMR Chess' "The Fundamental Chess Tactics For Beginners"

ASMR Angel's Cranial Nerve Examination Role Play

asmrbebexo's "Super Up-Close Whisper: Words Beginning With Q"

Asmr Vids' "Sculpting Toy 3"

amalzd's "Dead Sea Nails Saleswoman Role Play"

asmrdidibandy's "Doctor Role Play"

ASMRanthony's "Hands In Your Hair"

asmrAlice's "Sci-fi Research Role Play"

Bonus!  Arda Neala's "Krampus Role Play"

I hope you enjoy this week's picks!  More to come!  Remember, if you don't see someone you love up here, it doesn't mean I don't love them too---I just can't put hundreds of vids in one blog post, or people will feel overwhelmed and be less likely to check out some new faces.  You are always welcome to post your faves and anyone you think I should check out in the comments to share with me and each other.  


  1. Dear Heather,

    First of all, I'm sorry this message doesn't really relate with the entry i'm commenting. It's been months now that I wanted to tell you how much what you do is important for me and... I admit I was a little afraid to comment it on Youtube, I always fear places where there's a lot of people. Yeah I know, it's a little bit stupid... *blushes*

    Also, I'm from France so I apologize if my english is not really good, I'll do what I can to try to make it understandable though.

    I'm following your work for more than a year now, and I wanted to thank you for the support you gave me with your video. Someone on a forum talked to me about ASMR, and the first ASMR video I saw was one of yours. And I never turned my back from your work, it spoke a lot to me and to this day you're still my favorite ASMRtist, by far. And the help you gave me goes beyond purely ASMR content. There is not a single day I don't watch one of your video.

    I don't like to speak about me a lot, but, I'm struggling with major depression issues and social anxiety/panic attacks/insomnia for 12 years now (I'm 27). And your videos helped me a lot to calm down some time.

    You got a gift Heather. The way that you protect us from hard days and sleepless nights, by offering us a warm and friendly place to hide when the world is too loud, the way that you care about you viewer are things that are like treasures to me. When I watch your videos, I feel like I'm hanging with a long-time friend. It may sound a little bit pathetic and weird, but I think it's a beautiful gift that you have to touch the heart and soul of people like you do.

    To say the truth, you saved my life twice. Two times, I was overwhelmed by dark thoughts and really about to, you know, put an end to it all. Thankfully, I tried to ease the pain by watching your video. And it worked. I don't say it was easy (these nights were nightmarish), but you kept me alive with the care, the peace and the sweetness that irradiate from you and your work.

    Even if you don't know us personnaly, I love the way that you care for us all, and I know it's not just a pose, I know you really do and I think that means a lot to all of us (and the fact that your community is there when you are down -like the Omegle meet-up- proves it).

    I didn't think I could ever repay you enough for all the help you gave me, but then I understood something. And you helped me again in it. The point is not to repay you for your help, the point is to share this help with others, kinda like a circle. Positive things bring positive things, and the best way to repay you is to modestly try to give to others the help you gave me.

    I wish you the best for eveything in your life, Heather. Thank you again for what you do and who you are.

    The world definitely needs healers like you.

    (And once again, I'm super sorry to post it here... *blushes*)

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