Friday, November 1, 2013

ASMR Halloween Role Play Sneak Peek...Sort Of

Holy moly this one was a lot of work.  It should be up tomorrow, it is currently rendering (so what I am late for Halloween...I am SUPER early for Halloween 2014  :P)   I thought about scrapping this one so many times.  I got really deep in thought while constructing it---I actually wrote a paper for myself while working it out (I'm not joking).  It didn't go exactly how I wanted it to, and I felt it was campy (haha, campier than usual).  I almost deleted it a bunch of times, but after a while, I decided to embrace it for what it was.  I even added some sound effects that added to the camp level (while cackling to myself).  I don't know how successful it's going to be triggering people, but I really hope that it still works despite the contemplative story line.  This one is definitely a different pace than my other role plays, and frankly, I am nervous about the reception.  The goal was to make you think, make you tingle, and make you sleepy.  Fingers crossed I can do one if not all of them.  Here is the last hint:

Other hints have included:  Harvey Dent Plaza, Cloud and Sephiroth, Jaegar and Kaiju, and this

Any guesses?

Looking forward to catching up on comments once this one is out.  Goodnight and Good morning (depending on where you're from)  Gah I'm nervous about it.


  1. You are gonna be a superhero interrogating us (the bad guys)?

  2. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde :)

  3. That gif of Anne Hathaway is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen....

  4. Just be yourself. Not owe us anything. Remember that art is an expression of the deepest part of your being, and will reflect only what is going on in your world now. Take it easy, do not need to be perfect. God bless you.

  5. Mark Ruffalo made a sexy Hulk.