Monday, November 11, 2013

ASMR Artwork From Amazing People

You guys know I have a thing for art.  It's special because only one person can make what they do, and feel the way they do while making it.  It's one of a kind.  Art is like fossils to me.  I am not sure that will make sense to anyone (unless they understand how I feel about fossils).  I guess the best way I can explain it is, art is a marker in someone's life.  It's proof of their time, and thoughts, and it could only come from them.  It means they existed, and this was something that resulted from them being in the world.

I have wanted to make this entry for a while now, but kept getting sidetracked.  I would like to share some proof of existence in art form from wonderful people (it sounds so weird to say it that way).

The background of this blog (and my banner on youtube and facebook) is actually a gift of art from a wonderful woman named Celia.  It was the first piece of art I ever received as a content creator.

Some wonderful viewers created pictures from my Ally and Scary story video (found here).

They gave me permission to share it with you, so I am.  If any of you create any depictions from my story, I would LOVE BEYOND LOVE to see them.  That story meant a lot to me, and these pictures do too.
This is Ally and Scary on Scary's mountain watching the sunrise.  

The rock girl.  "Scary was equal parts Obsidian and sand."

Scary on her mountain...See who is behind her?

Two awesome ASMRtists---SavannahsVoice and Paul Artwork--- have made videos of their pieces (so you can tingle and watch them create):



I have also had some wonderful friends on facebook make pictures that skewered my heart:

These first three were made by the same person

This one cracks me up.

This is a picture of the Candy Queen  :D  Video is here for those who have no idea what I am talking about:

This adorable piece one was done by a fellow friend and asmrtist

This is a painting by someone who wants to remain anonymous as of now. When I first saw it, I looked like this  0_0.  It's incredible.  I showed my whole family it, and everyone was gobsmacked.   This person is INSANELY talented, and I am very proud to call them my friend.

Another very talented ASMRtist made a painting for me of Sailor Jupiter (my favorite Sailor Senshi).   Sailor Jupiter is rather dear to me for many reasons---I related very much to her character in "Sailor Moon," so this gesture really touched my heart.  
This wonderful lady's channel is here

If any of you have art that you've done that you would like to share with me, I would be very happy to receive it.  They are like treasures to me.  If I posted your art here, and you would like your name with your piece, please let me know---I didn't know if people wanted their names on here, so if you did, I would be happy to edit this and credit you.  Thank you to those who shared with me---you don't know how dearly I hold these.


  1. they are all incredible artworks :)

  2. great art!!! coooool
    8 weeks ago i discovered i could actually draw... Together with listening to music was my only way to relax a little (ASMR has changed that for the last 2 weeks)
    I was working on a Heather Feather drawing because these last 2 weeks have been so stange for i wanted to express myself and show my gratitude to you....
    somewhere alone the line i backed up because i felt fanboy freaky and i dont want to be a fanboy + put you up on the high pedestal. (i put people i like on pedestals and shake the base until they fall of.. :-(
    I really really dont want to do that and f#ck the whole ASMR thing up and be "hurt" again.

    With this art posting i feel alot more comfortable making the drawing and sharing/giving it with you when its finished.... if you are willing to accept :-)

  3. Those G. D. rainbow things again? S.O.B.! ; )

  4. Data is going to have issues when he finds out that they're biased against robots.
    Nice artwork everyone! I have only touched anime or manga but I will have to see if I can scratch something together in the future. (As well as buy a microphone.) Hopefully soon if my newly installed alternator upgrade keeps working.

  5. All very nice. glad your so receptive to art in favor of your work.

    Mind if I ask your views on poetry? I've heard a lot of people say it's not truly art, and others say it definitely is.

  6. As an artist, I can say with certainty that the painting of you by the anonymous artist is a photo of you with brush stokes and painterly effects added. A good example of this type of work, yes, but the likeness was achieved through photography

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