Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If you receive an email from someone using my name, please be aware:

 Apparently someone is using my name to try to get personal information out of people. It should go without saying that person is not me---and it should also go without saying that you should not give out ANY banking information or intimate knowledge about yourself to a stranger over the internet---no matter what name they boast, or what kind of incentive they are offering. I would NEVER ask any of you for anything of that nature.  I don't write to individual people asking them for ANYTHING, or offer individual gifts or one on one time---I don't even ask people to subscribe to my channel.  I keep nearly all of my interactions with you guys public.   Any message seeking information that would pertain to your identity or banking info should immediately be regarded as fake and as having malicious intent.
I was sent this screen cap by a concerned viewer.  This is not from me, nor is it from my account.  Should you get a message like this, do not give it any merit.  


  1. Wow, some people will do anything and use anyone to try and scam others. Thanks for the heads up Heather! :)

  2. MrStonedOne, Mod at /r/asmr here.

    If you could have the concerned viewer contact me, I know how to get this guy's email account shutdown and his personal information sent to the authorities.

    If you know the email in the from address, you could also contact me.

    Just shoot a pm to my account on reddit