Friday, March 14, 2014

If you have 20 mins to spare, perhaps consider spending them doing this?
Hello everyone! A lot of you know Robert JustAWhisperingGuy, and a lot of you know how hard he has been working toward his PhD. He has finally released his dissertation research survey on internet based therapy. The more people who take the survey the better for his research, so I am sharing it with you all in the hopes you might want to participate, and contribute to something awesome for a tremendously helpful member of our ASMR community.  Robert has helped me a ton, and I know he's helped lots of others in our growing community (both asmrtists and viewers), so I wanted to return the favor and help him with something that he's been working tirelessly on.  This survey takes about 20 minutes and is for adults in the United States only---and at the end you can enter to win $100 to I hope you consider taking it.  Please feel free to share with your social connections as well.  And fun fact:  the one and only VisualSounds created the artwork used in the survey.  I love our little corner of the internet, I really do.  So many people are so helpful and supportive.  :D

JustAWhisperingGuy's channel (for those who are unfamiliar)

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  1. Done and shared on Twitter! Best of luck to him, and to you! Hopefully you'll feel better soon! Your "little corner of the internet" has helped me immensely lately in the midst of graduate school applications and auditions as well as personal stresses, and I wish I could thank you all. Please do not stress yourself out too much over a slightly-later-than-expected video. For as much rest and relaxation as you have given us, you deserve as much as you need.