Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can You Guess What's Coming?

Hopefully this will be up next week.  While I was filming, I didn't know I had a makeup brush hair on my nose for the first 10 mins of the video.  Le sigh.  I had to do two takes of this one, and after 4 hours, I was pretty satisfied with it (even with the edits and errors)...and then I saw that hair...grrrrrrr.  I hope it doesn't detract from the effectiveness of the video.


  1. I hope it's another doctor role play!! Those put me OUT like Benadryl...without the sideeffects! :D

    And I can't see the makeup hair with my eyes closed so...it wouldn't have mattered hahah!

  2. It is! Oh your comment makes me happy, I am actually pretty nervous that the comments are all going to say "I can't sleep, that hair is driving me nuts!"

  3. Hello Heather, I am Brazilian, I'm 16, I see your videos every day when I get to school, unfortunately I can not understand why they do not speak English, I used google translator to write this comment lol, you are looking very good at ASMR, I feel when you touch it with your fingernails on some object, I hope to continue making videos, congratulations, oh you're beautiful, you have a different from other beauty. Finally, bye!