Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Top Five Favorite Intentional ASMR Videos of all Time: #2

This entry is going to be a little different from the others, because this one is a tie.  I struggled between picking one over the other, until I realized why I was struggling:  The two videos are very similar in that their creators are very similar.  Both have higher pitched, soft, delicate voices.  Both require very little aside from those voices to induce tingles.  Both are responsible for me getting some of the strongest tingles I've ever had, and both can knock me out in under 10 mins.  So why pick just one?

The first video is by asmraurette, and can be found here:

Asmraurette is newer in the community, but has quickly amassed an astonishing amount of views and subscribers in a short period of time.  This is no fluke, or stroke of luck---the lovely lady's voice sounds like it was made for asmr.  She conveys comfort just by speaking.  She also is rather articulate, and pronounces her words perfectly while keeping them soft.  Her movements look natural, but are slow enough that they make my spine explode in tingles.  When she traces the shape of the butterfly on her face, I'm done.  The base of my spine melts, and I pass out.  Asmraurette is one of the few who can a video about anything, and it will always trigger tingles.  She's just got that nature...the asmr "it factor," if you will.

The other video that is tied for #2 was made by a woman named "Cutebunny992."  Her channel no longer exists, but fortunately someone saved her videos and posted them so that people could still benefit from their sedative natures.  The video I hold most dear from Cutebunny992 can be found here:

This video was my first introduction cranial nerve examinations.  I had never even heard of one before this video, and had no idea how much my asmr would be triggered by them.  Cranial nerve examination videos are perfect for asmr because they require slow motions and personal attention.  Add Cutebunny's voice and accent, and it's an asmr bomb that detonates the tingles as soon as the video begins.

Cutebunny and Asmraurette have similar voices.  They both are very soft and airy without sounding forced.  They both don't require props in order to give tingles, they are conductors in themselves.  For those reasons, they both hold my #2 spot.

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