Thursday, October 11, 2012

Relaxing Sound Assortment

In this video, I cover a bunch of sounds and two requests I've gotten. I hope you all get super tingly. Happy viewing! 

For those whose tingles need a quick fix:

0:00-1:55 Talking and some nail tapping
1:57-5:00 Tapping and gilding nails over cans
5:04-12:05 Mirror tapping
12:25-15:49 Fun with matches
15:55-18:28 Tapping, sliding nails, and rubbing crystal ball
18:36-21:49 Abacus 
21:55-31:02 Chalk and chalk board
31:16-40:07 Jewelry and figurines
40:08-43:25 Mr. Peanut wooden pan thing
43:26-49:35 Wooden and plastic toy tapping, scratching, rubbing, and screwing/unscrewing noises
49:39-54:41 Balloon touching, bouncing, and marker writing
54:44-57:59 Frosted Glass tapping (melts my brain)
58:05-1:08:41 Pouring liquid, washing makeup brushes, lather sounds
1:08:44-1:17:02 Rinsing brushes in sink
1:17:03-1:26:51 Brushing my hair and whispering.

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