Monday, October 8, 2012

Relaxing Soft Spoken Potion Brewing Role Play

Pay no attention the the black wire that appears to be connected to my magic crystal ball...that's just one of my really long and thick stray hairs. Well I think this video was cursed. I had to nix the first attempt, and I don't feel much better about this one. I had numerous technical difficulties, the flow felt off, social interference, as well as a cloudy sky that rained on my parade (rimshot). I will revisit this theme again, but until I do, I hope I can elicit some tingles out of you for now. I really wish this had gone better, because I'm hoping more people will post videos like this---when I was little, I got so many tingles from scenes from "Death Becomes Her," and (more recently) from the potion scene in "Alice in Wonderland." Both have inspired this video, and I wish I had done them more justice---but the universe trolled me mercilessly. Le sigh. Anyway, I hope this works for you (if not, I apologize). 

Happy Viewing! 

Ps. Here are the links to the aforementioned film scenes that triggered me:

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