Saturday, September 27, 2014

New ASMR Role Play Idea. Want To Contribute? :D

Hey everyone! I was watching a Youtuber named jacksepticeye yesterday, and he gave me an idea I want to try for a role play. He does a series on his channel called "Drawing Your Tweets" where people tweet him silly things to draw. I would like to do this as well---but I would like to turn this into a Bob Ross-esque role play. So if you would like to participate, please send me a tweet at  with the hashtag #BobRossMyTweet and something you would like to see me botch up drawing as "Feather Ross." It could be anything from "an apple" to "Dark Feather riding a dolphin" (but nothing malicious or raunchy). If it's well received, I think we could make it a series I do every now and then, and maybe I can give away the paintings/drawings as giveaways (I don't know if anyone would even want them, cause I guarantee they will be awful, haha). I thought this would be a fun way for us to interact, for you guys to be a part of a role play, and a new way for me to give you tingles.  Nothing is set in stone, but I wanted to put out the idea and get things rolling so I can feel it out.


  1. I don't have twitter, I don't use twitter or facebook. I watch youtube selectively, but also do not have a youtube account other than being logged in with blogger.

    Anyhow, If I were to give you an idea to paint or draw something, it would be abstract, and go with your gut.

    I already gave you a role play idea in another comment I made to you on your blog here about shooting pool, a female pool shark. Making chalking the cue sounds, pool balls clanging together, e.t.c.

    You always come up with your own good ideas Heather, and it seems to me like mostly all of the ASMR artists out there with the exception of a few, are all copying you.

    You are the most widely mimicked ASMR artist out there. I know because I've watched and listened to a lot of your content and well, I know how to recognize it when someone is copying you. It happens a lot more often than not. I believe you are not only an inspiration for the other ASMR artists, but you are their role model of how to do it right. It's almost like you invented the art the way they emulate you. I do not exaggerate here either.

    Perhaps some time you could do something that makes more interaction for those of us who don't use twitter, or have a youtube account to communicate with you.

    I respect your work, and love your videos. I hope you have an excellent day.

    and, "I will either be a muse, or amusing, either way it's good."
    ~quoted myself Piper ☺♥

  2. Love this idea, I'm tempted to set up a twitter account so I can take part. I think people would definitely want those drawings. Would be a cool souvenir.