Friday, October 4, 2013

Sneak Peek At The ASMR Role Play I Have Been Working On.


  1. Princess? Rave? other? im excited

  2. You look so cute. I just love you. Wanted you to know, you're talented, and the best ASMR artist there is, no offense to the other artists. You could make audio recordings and sell them, you're that good. You just have a knack for doing's like this is what you were meant to do. You're ASMR is mesmerising, captivating, hypnotic, entrancing, magickal, and that is not exaggeration, nor brown-nosing on my part. You would also be a very good hypnotherapist, I know enough about this subject to tell you so. I'm intuitive, and also know talent when I see it. I was compelled to leave you this message.
    Sat Nam, **(-_-)**

  3. Princess Bubble Feather? Princess Bubble feather!!!! Oh honestly I don't know but it looks like it has to do with candy. So excited! :D