Monday, September 9, 2013


So I have gotten some comments on my new Dental ASMR role play that the teeth were incorrectly identified.  I wanted to show you guys the identification slip that came with the mouth model I used (that I based the information off of).

The model is a wonky one I guess?  If you can't trust a huge model of the human mouth, who can you trust?



  1. i used suspension of belief... thus I enjoyed video regardless of dental error... =)

    but its a bad day when something of an educational tool comes with bad info!

  2. Saw the firefly gif and had to comment my approval of it!

    Haven't listened to the latest role play yet, going to the dentist isn't one of my fondest memories. You role plays do have a habit of being ridiculously awesome though so I inevitably will listen to it at some point. When I do I'll temporarily give you the benefit of the doubt regarding teeth labelling :D

  3. Thanks again for the videos, Heather!

    I just saw your "Let Me Tell You A Story" video and I loved it! It was really relaxing. (I don't have a Youtube account, so I couldn't figure out another way to message you)

    You mentioned in your description that you have been asked to read stories and stuff for kids, but you don't want to mess with copyright stuff. Very understandable. So, I just wanted to leave a link for Project Gutenberg. I don't know if you know about it, but it's a collection of free ebooks whose copyrights have expired. They have a small collection of children's fairy tales and such you may want to use.,_Fairy_Tales,_etc._(Bookshelf)