Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Mess with Mousse from the Haircut Role Play


  1. I know you hate the feel of lotions etc on your skin...does mousse have the same effect on you?

    1. this mousse did. It was waaaaaay sticker than regular mousse.

  2. i really enjoyed your asmr binural microphone trigger fest test video (cant find a place to comment where my comment would stand out enough for you to notice)

    i noticed something odd. it really did it to me when you're speaking rather loud and closer to the mic then soft speaking like everyone else, so thanks for that, hope you'd do that more.

    also its way better with your attitude then the rest of them :D

  3. That was funny, reminds of the time I dropped a whole bottle of bathsoap in the tub. People who think that you can't have too much bubbles? Well you can... Sometimes when I'm in the bathroom I still feel some foam sneaking up on me, I think it hides in the deep dark corners of the room. Oh well, at least it's not a spider.
    But thank you sooooooo much for your hard work and effort! I love your videos and posts.