Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Tree

We completed decorating our tree, and I thought I would post a picture here.  Like many other content creators, I will be exploring the objects on it for an upcoming sounds video.  I also have a (IMHO) very pretty menorah to tap for some sounds.  This will be a tricky video though, as my cats have waged an all out war against the tree, and try to bring it down multiple times every day.  I will brave the battlefield, if it means giving you some tingles.  :)


  1. Hello Heather! Just passed by to thank you for the wonderful videos you've been sharing with us on YouTube. After a stressful day at work I use to take a little while just to listen to your sweet words, it helps a lot and makes me breathe again :)

    Have a magical Christmas!
    Big kiss from the other side of the Atlantic, Portugal!

    Ps: hehe, almost forgot. Search on the web for "Only Heather" by Wild Nothing, sure you're gonna love that song ! *

  2. Hello Portugal! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, and song suggestion! I had never heard of it before! I am so glad the videos help you, and I wish you a wonderful holiday! <3

  3. What a beautiful christmas tree! Thanks for sharing Heather!