Saturday, December 8, 2012

So I Found Something...

I thought I would present it as a riddle.

Deep in the basement
Searched Heather Feather.
She was looking to find
Some ASMR Treasure.
She stumbled upon
An old jewelry box,
Complete with no keys,
Complete with no locks.
Inside she found
To her delight,
Something that swings
To the left and the right.
Wiress: a character
From the Catching Fire book,
Would know what it was,
With just one look.
What could Ms Feather
Do with this find?
You'll have to decide,
Just relax your mind.
I hope you don't think
This riddle is creepy.
For now, let it go.
You're getting sleepy.



  1. Hey Heather

    Just wanted to quickly thank you for all of your great videos. A couple times this semester I have been so tired that I couldn't fall asleep, but a few minutes from one of your videos and it's lights out. Finals week is just around the corner so I am really going to be relying on you for relaxation. Thanks again and have a great Christmas!

    Brandon C

    1. Hi Brandon!

      Good luck on your finals! I am so happy the videos are helping you! Thank you for writing to me---now kick some academic butt, and sleep well! :D