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Monday, January 12, 2015

Timestamps for the 120 Trigger ASMR Video

Youtube won't let me post this list---apparently the description box for a video has a text limit.  :/

For those who need a quick fix:

1.  1:39  Telephone Voice
2.  2:17  Book Tapping & Page Turning
4.  7:21  Ribbed Valentine's Day Heart
5.  11:17  Sage Stick & Smudging 
6.  13:42  Compressed Air Can Duster
7.  15:14  Leaves in Contact Paper
8.  18:09  Trigger Words
9.  20:47  Brushing Your Hair
10.  22:10  Leather Baseball Mitt
11.  25:25  Tapping The Ticking Clock
12.  28:19  Magic 8 Ball
13.  30:57  Scratching A Yoga Mat
14.  32:47  Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards in Pocket Trading Card Pages
15.  35:13  Thinking Sounds (Mouth Clicking)
16.  37:57 Tapping Rubber Hair Brush Handle 
17.  40:03  Face Steamer Device
18.  42:36  Gummy Worm-tongues
19.  43:34  CHCHCHCH
20.  45:51  Chalk On A Chalk Board
21.  48:18  Cleaning Your Ears (Ear Scrubbing)
22.  51:25  Basket Bottle
23.  54:12  Latex Gloves
24.  56:40  Mini Volleyball (or curious basketball)
25.  58:54  Helicopter Sounds (TKTKTK)
26.  1:00:36  Blood Pressure Cuff
27.  1:02:30  TSTSTSTS
28.  1:04:31  Happy Sad Onion Man
29.  1:07:41  Brushing Your Face/The Camera
30.  1:09:50  Tiffany & Co Diamond Paperweight 
31.  1:13:31  Plasma Globe
32.  1:15:33  Blanket Fort Sounds
33.  1:17:46  Indiscernible Whispering  
34.  1:19:55  Kinetic Sand
35.  1:22:38  Breathy Whispers
36.  1:25:06  Squishy Cow
37.  1:27:00  Ear to Ear Counting
38.  1:29:20  Lather Sounds (Washing/Shampooing Your Hair)
39.  1:32:18  Fingerless Gloves (Yoga Gloves?)
40:  1:34:21  Face Mister
41.  1:35:27  Dental Model
42.  1:37:17  Paintbrush On Canvas
43.  1:38:50  Blowing In Your Ears
44.  1:41:41  The Gravel Goblet And Candle
45.  1:44:38  Pointer Action
46.  1:46:10  Vintage Wooden Car Puzzle
47.  1:49:05  Measuring Tape
48.  1:50:36  Bouncing Water Gems/Water Marbles
49.  1:52:42  Tickling Your Face With A Feather
50.  1:54:09  Fizzing In Your Ears (Baking Soda And Vinegar) 
51.  1:56:57  Hands Cupped Over Ears & Whispering "Telling Secrets"
52.  1:58:44  Writing Sounds
53.  2:00:43  Tuning Forks and Zenergy Chime (Harmonic Massage)
54.  2:02:26  Cat Purring
55.  2:03:10  Clicking (Using Antennae) 
56.  2:04:16  Spray Sounds "Rain" Falling On You
57.  2:05:23  Hearing Test
58.  2:07:00  Baoding Balls
59.  2:09:39  Breathing In Your Ears
60.  2:12:18  Pop Rocks
61.  2:14:13  Kiss Sounds
62.  2:16:04  Water Marbles Sloshing
63.  2:17:48  Giant Penny
64.  2:20:10  Alphabet Sounds
65.  2:21:54  Vibrating Light Toy
66.  2:23:26  WoodWick Candle
67.  2:25:17  Anticipatory Triggers
68.  2:27:49  Humming
69.  2:30:13  Typing
70.  2:32:32  Shhhh
71.  2:34:54  Giant Garlic Statue (Actually a vase)
72.  2:37:00  You're So Dusty! (Feather Duster)
73.  2:39:30  Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards In Plastic Card Protectors. 
74.  2:43:08  Vintage Shell Necklace
75.  2:44:30  Flooring Samples
76.  2:47:47  Aluminium Coil Insulation Tube Thing
77.  2:49:37  White Sand Zen Garden
78.  2:53:06  Miniature Tea Set
79.  2:56:24  Headphones Over Your Ears
80.  2:58:42  Eye Examination & Follow The Light
81.  3:01:41  Powdered Milk
82.  3:03:30  Counting In Spanish
83.  3:05:47  "Womb Sounds" (What else do I call this?)
84.  3:07:54  Sniffing Your Ears
85.  3:08:52  Rotary Phone 
86.  3:11:10  Echo
87.  3:13:12  Rimu Wood Box and Paua Pen
88.  3:15:56  Covering Your Ears
89.  3:17:49  Car Duster
90.  3:19:48  Red Plastic Skull
91.  3:21:40  Pinpression Toy
92.  3:25:46  Brrrr Car Mouth Sounds
93.  3:27:46  Marshmallows In Your Ears
94.  3:30:25  Water Drops On Glass
95.  3:32:03  Fossils
96.  3:35:25  Dark Feather
97.  3:37:26  Brushing My Hair
98.  3:39:37  Gentle Personal Attention
99.  3:41:16  Sword
100.  3:44:04  KSKSKS
101.  3:46:46  Guiro (Hollow Gourd Instrument)
102.  3:49:28  Ear Massage
103.  3:50:43  Mini Clay Pot
104.  3:52:59  Plastic Scissors
105.  3:55:01  Stone Butterfly
106.  3:56:55  Crinkly Makeup Removal Cleaning Cloth Bag
107.  3:59:06  Energy Cleansing Sweeping Hand Motions
108.  4:01:03  Tapping Your Ears (Ear Tapping)
109.  4:02:53  Hair Horn
110.  4:05:25  Brushing Your Ears
111.  4:08:28  Giant Candy Buttons Remote
112.  4:10:26  Leather Bound Glass Decanter?
113.  4:12:40  Scalp Massage (Ear Muffs)
114.  4:14:05  Candy Bobomb
115.  4:15:11  Skwish
116.  4:18:28  Old Ice Cream Scoop
117.  4:19:15  Mofo FLOAM
118.  4:21:40  Mini Sparkly Christmas Ball
119.  4:23:22  OMNONOM You're a Pizza! 
120.  4:24:56  Walking in Snow, On Pavement, & On Grass (Footsteps) 
121.  4:27:47  BONUS!  Hedgehog ASMR! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

120 ASMR Triggers. 4.5 Hours Long.

Cross your fingers for my computer to successfully render, and then I will be able to post the vid!  It was sooooooo much more work than I realized.  I felt like I bit off more than I could chew, but I am hoping people can use it to find new triggers, revisit old ones they love, and use it as an example in explaining what ASMR is to new viewers.  I REALLY hope it works for you.  I REALLY REALLY hope my computer can handle this kind of render.  And I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that Youtube doesn't make me wait days for it to process.  Wish me luck?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Needed You To Know.

Heads up:  I am going to get rambly and sentimental.  

I always tend to get reflective around this time of year.  I just got home a little while ago from gorging my face off eating the 7 fishes with my family.  Christmas Eve is my favorite food day of the year.  Christmas Day is my favorite breakfast day because my mom (who is sleeping over) makes bacon and eggs for me and my sister.  I am a terrible cook, so getting to eat this kind of comfort food with my family is very special to me.  There are a lot of things that are special to me. 

2014 was a very hard year for me. You guys know I very rarely talk about personal issues, but it was really interesting because so many of you could tell when I was really struggling (even if I didn't say anything).  It's interesting that you guys know me even though we've never met.  You all were a constant source of encouragement and HUGE motivation to just keep swimming.  You guys made me laugh, you made me cry (appreciatively), you made me happy, and you made my channel with me.  I can't tell you what it means to have all of you with me on this journey, and you will never know how deeply honored I am to be able to work with alongside you all.  

2014's lows included being sort of bullied by someone from one of the top 3 television networks in America (when I wouldn't agree to let them into my home without giving me any information about anything they were going to show in an interview).   I lost the person I considered my best friend to manipulation and betrayal---I had to face the facts that the person I considered my hero (and would have trusted with my sister's life) wasn't who I thought they were and wouldn't be a part of my life.  People in my family became ill, and some had/have some very serious health issues to contend with.  Life happens.  :/

But you know what else?  Life happens!  I got to have awesome interviews with people who were not only respectful of ASMR, but also of my boundaries (one of which I consider a really awesome friend now coughJonathancough).  I made new friends---some I have no idea how I went so long without having them in my life.  My existing friendships became SO much stronger when I went to them for help.  I realized that I could trust more than one person with me, and as odd as it may sound, it made me stronger.  I have been making the most of every available moment with my family, and I have cherished our moments together.  And I got to keep making videos with you guys---the Falcors to my Atreyu.  Pulling me out of the swamps when I am down, and flying high with me when I'm happy.  

There are a million affirmations I could say to you right now to try and tell you that no matter how bad things get, you can get through them---but they are just words on your screen---easy to read and sometimes very hard to feel.  I wish all of you happiness and good health.  For what it's worth, I am going to keep trying to give you tingles, smiles, laughter, relaxation, rest, and a sanctuary from the world when it gets too loud, because I want to help you as much as you have helped me.  We have never met, but we are going through life together.  It's happening.  We are growing up with each other.  We are going to struggle, we are going to fall, we are going to fail, we are going to feel completely broken---and we are going to fight, and get back up, and put our pieces back together.  We're going to do this over and over because we're human, and we're vulnerable, and resilient, and wondrous.  I can't do much, but I can try my best to help you in the best way I know how, and the way I love, and I promise you I will never stop trying for you all.  Haha it sounds so dramatic, but I don't know any other way to say it.  

I have no idea what the future holds, but I am excited to embark on 2015 with the greatest group of people on the internet.  You all have given me the greatest gifts in my life these past two years, and I will always try to repay you for it through my videos.  I am so proud of all we've accomplished thus far (I will make a blog post soon of what we've done together), and I know that we can do more.  We are shaping the dialogue about ASMR, and we are pioneering a new genre that is going to have a huge presence in nearly all forms of media one day (that's my bet at least)---and one that is helping literally millions of people now.  Think about that.  My videos wouldn't exist without you.  This is a group effort, a team endeavor, and therefore you have a hand in helping every person who benefits from ASMR content.  Thank you, my fellow adventurers.

Happy Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy Life.  See you in the future!  We'll go together.  :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ASMR Was Mentioned In The 200th Episode Of The Wired UK Podcast!

Hey guys! ASMR got a mention in Wired UK Podcast's 200th episode!!! If you start at 15:44 you will hear Nate (the host) speaking highly of ASMR and playing a clip from my Cat Lady Role Play! I think it's awesome when people are open minded (and in this case very positive) about ASMR, so if you want something cool to listen to---or if you just want to stop by the podcast page and say hiiii from the ASMR community (we can be the friendliest welcome wagon on the internet) and congratulate Nate and his team on their 200th episode, please feel free to do so .

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My 200th ASMR video is coming. Whoa.

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know a new vid is coming. It was brought to my attention that it's going to be my 200th vid, and I have been feeling a lot of pressure to complete the Bob Ross one, so I want it to be the 200th video. It's A LOT more work intensive than I thought it would be. I am using two mics and two cameras, among layered moments, so please bear with me. I could have done a sound slice to hold you guys over, but I want to get this done. Thanks for understanding, thanks for sticking with me through 200 videos (whoa my gosh!!!!), and I am sorry for the delay.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Making It Rain Tingles Part 2! Looking for new ASMR content creators? Here are some more I recommend!

Last week I started a little blog series that I am going to try my best to keep up with.  In it, I share other content creators' vids that work for me (about 10 at a time) to possibly help you find new sources for ASMR.  Here is another batch for your viewing pleasure!  I hope you find some new content creators that work for you!

Ardra Neala's BEAUTIFUL "Binaural Psionic Initiation Role Play"

AnkieAsmr Tingling's "Getting Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes Colored Role Play"

ASMR Chess' "The Fundamental Chess Tactics For Beginners"

ASMR Angel's Cranial Nerve Examination Role Play

asmrbebexo's "Super Up-Close Whisper: Words Beginning With Q"

Asmr Vids' "Sculpting Toy 3"

amalzd's "Dead Sea Nails Saleswoman Role Play"

asmrdidibandy's "Doctor Role Play"

ASMRanthony's "Hands In Your Hair"

asmrAlice's "Sci-fi Research Role Play"

Bonus!  Arda Neala's "Krampus Role Play"

I hope you enjoy this week's picks!  More to come!  Remember, if you don't see someone you love up here, it doesn't mean I don't love them too---I just can't put hundreds of vids in one blog post, or people will feel overwhelmed and be less likely to check out some new faces.  You are always welcome to post your faves and anyone you think I should check out in the comments to share with me and each other.