Monday, April 7, 2014

I have never gone this long without an ASMR video

I am so so sorry guys.  This has never happened before.  I have been working on my role play for a week now, and it should have been done days ago---but my comp is being merciless and won't render it correctly.  It's not even an effects heavy video.  I haven't put out another video in between because I honestly don't know that my comp can handle trying to render it at the moment.  I had to go to a friends house tonight to try and salvage my role play.  I am hoping to have it up Tuesday or Wednesday.

Again, I am so sorry.  As frustrating as it is for you not to have content, it is a million times more frustrating---and DISAPPOINTING---for me not to have my content for you.  I LOVE making videos, and hang ups like this that I have little control over, take a lot of joy from me (through loss of time, effort, and happiness from creating new content).

I am trying my best.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What I've been working on: the next ASMR role play

Just wanted to show you guys I am working hard for you. This is my next role play. This is just the audio editing (every line you see is an edit)---as you can see, I haven't even started visuals yet. Thanks for being so patient with me. I don't know if you guys are going to like this one, but I am trying to make it the best I can.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm sorry, I won't have my ASMR Role Play out tomorrow.

Hello everyone. I wanted to have a RP out for you tomorrow. While I was filming last night, I got very sick. You can actually see it happening in my video, and as it got worse, I started to rush through it. I looked at the footage, and I am not happy with it. I am still sick, and won't be able to redo it tonight. I am hoping that I will be well enough to do it over tomorrow night. I will TRY to do a Sound Slice tonight---but I can't promise it, as my head and muscles hurt a lot from my fever, and all I want to do is rest. I HATE not holding to the schedule that I make for myself, so it's very frustrating for me that I don't have a vid for you guys. I apologize. This came upon me very suddenly, and it sucks. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hint about my next ASMR role play. I promise you won't be able to guess it.

Okay here is a hint about the role play I hope to have out on Sunday. I used hard boiled eggs, an orange, and a banana in it---I didn't eat any of them, and the role play has nothing to do with food. Good luck guessing this one, mwahahahahahaha.

If you have 20 mins to spare, perhaps consider spending them doing this?
Hello everyone! A lot of you know Robert JustAWhisperingGuy, and a lot of you know how hard he has been working toward his PhD. He has finally released his dissertation research survey on internet based therapy. The more people who take the survey the better for his research, so I am sharing it with you all in the hopes you might want to participate, and contribute to something awesome for a tremendously helpful member of our ASMR community.  Robert has helped me a ton, and I know he's helped lots of others in our growing community (both asmrtists and viewers), so I wanted to return the favor and help him with something that he's been working tirelessly on.  This survey takes about 20 minutes and is for adults in the United States only---and at the end you can enter to win $100 to I hope you consider taking it.  Please feel free to share with your social connections as well.  And fun fact:  the one and only VisualSounds created the artwork used in the survey.  I love our little corner of the internet, I really do.  So many people are so helpful and supportive.  :D

JustAWhisperingGuy's channel (for those who are unfamiliar)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If you receive an email from someone using my name, please be aware:

 Apparently someone is using my name to try to get personal information out of people. It should go without saying that person is not me---and it should also go without saying that you should not give out ANY banking information or intimate knowledge about yourself to a stranger over the internet---no matter what name they boast, or what kind of incentive they are offering. I would NEVER ask any of you for anything of that nature.  I don't write to individual people asking them for ANYTHING, or offer individual gifts or one on one time---I don't even ask people to subscribe to my channel.  I keep nearly all of my interactions with you guys public.   Any message seeking information that would pertain to your identity or banking info should immediately be regarded as fake and as having malicious intent.
I was sent this screen cap by a concerned viewer.  This is not from me, nor is it from my account.  Should you get a message like this, do not give it any merit.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

ASMR After The Battle: Why I had to take the version I was proud of down, and why I had to reupload.

Hi everyone.  Only a few people know about what has been happening with my "After The Battle" video, and it's come to a point that I need for everyone to know, because I had to remove it.  The new version can be found here:  


I uploaded "After The Battle" on December 21/22ish.  It was the result of months of prep and planning, and a straight month of work that was new to me.  It was the first video I ever cried while making:  I had no experience doing visual effects, I was teaching myself using tutorials online---and I would get very frustrated if I couldn't figure something out, or if I messed up something that would look like 2 seconds to you---but really took HOURS to create.  I had to render and rerender clips OVER AND OVER, piece by piece---but I did it, and I was very proud of it.  The response to it was so positive and encouraging, and it made all those hard moments worth it.

On Dec 23rd I went into my video manager and found something I had never seen before---a notification on "After The Battle" that said "matched third party content."  If you know me, you know I NEVER use material that isn't licensed for free use---and I am meticulous about that (ex: I took down my first upload of the Candy Queen Role Play because a picture of ice cream in the background wasn't creative commons free use licensed, built an entire new background for it, and redid it.  I don't play around with anything that could jeopardize my channel).  So I knew right away that someone had made a mistake in claiming my video.

Two music networks had put visual content claims on my After The Battle video---on parts of the video I had specifically chosen because they were free use, from an exclusively free use site.  I began to do research about the networks that were claiming my video, and found HUNDREDS of testimonies from people whose videos had been claimed by the same networks.  Claims were made on their original videos, or their original music---even one guy's original documentary he made in the 80's.

But why would these networks do this?  I kept researching.  This is what I came to understand:  the claims they place on videos keep the videos public---but instead of the content creator getting the revenue from their work, the network gets the revenue. You only get one shot at disputing a claim, but they are given a month from the moment you dispute the claim to even look at your dispute, and should they maintain the claim, you're pretty much out of luck.  They can also put their ads on your video, and direct people to their site.  They don't have to prove the material is theirs in the same way we do if we file a copyright claim---they run programs that sweep youtube videos for anything they might be able to claim, and they take advantage of how hard it is to get support to intervene---so many never had their claims removed.  Essentially it's video hijacking, and they do it all the time---sometimes causing people to lose/leave their channels.

After I did my research on the practice of what they did and the individual companies that did them, I went to "war."  I wrote Partner Support, the free use site whose license agreement they were breaking by laying claim to free use content, I found the networks' email addresses and headquarters phone numbers, I made phone calls every hour, and I even had their staff making phone calls and emailing on my behalf---because I was not going away until my video was mine again.  After 8-10 hours of relentless correspondence, the claims were lifted.  I was ECSTATIC.  I jumped around and clapped---I even cried a little.

I thought that I had "won" and I wouldn't have to worry about this again.  I was wrong.

In the two months that my video has been up, four claims have been placed on it---all on the free use clips in it.  Every time this happens, I have to devote time and energy I would rather be spending any other way to fighting the claims, researching the networks, tracking down contact info, writing to Support, etc.  It causes me a great deal of unwanted stress, and a TON of unwanted anger.  It makes maintaining my channel feel like I have to keep putting out fires, instead of being warmed by all the positive aspects of being a content creator.

Last night I got my fourth Third Party Claim on After The Battle, and I decided I cannot do this anymore.  I can't continue to have to defend my content in this way.  No one stops these large networks from making these fraudulent claims, and once they do, you're basically at their whim waiting to see what the fate of your content is---cause you no longer have the rights to your work.

Even though every single claim made to my video was released, I felt more and more helpless.  After defending my content in every way I could, I went into my editing program, pulled up the video I had worked SO HARD on, and edited out every second of free use footage in it.  Did this make me sad?  Yes, very.  Do I think that it's worth it to be able to continue feeling safe and happy about making content?  Absolutely.  

I hope you all understand why I had to do this.  The video I made with me in it is still 100% intact, just the intro and the "therapy" parts of it are a black screen. I am sorry that the version you get now is "less" than the one I labored over---but I am doing what I think is right to protect my happiness, my time, my energy, and my channel.

Thanks for reading.