Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Give yourself a break?

If you click the Pandora Feather link, you will be taken to a compilation vid featuring me singing a bunch of different songs over the period of 3-4 hours (the vid is less than 10 mins long, don't worry).  Yesterday I decided to leave my Yeti on for hours while I worked. I listened to Pandora, and this is the result of work + music. I am posting it in the hopes it makes you smile, maybe laugh, possibly cringe, but mostly that it brings you some kind of motivation to let go from time to time and do something fun (it doesn't have to be belting out songs in your house) to give yourself a bit of levity and joy. Sometimes it's really easy to forget how to give yourself a break every now and then and enjoy yourself.


  1. Haha, oh man I loved that so much!

  2. Wow, your voice is so versatile and you sing so well! (And I had a lot of laughs, for which I thank you).

  3. Heather, I am currently deployed and Internet luxuries such as YouTube are not available here. I frequently used your videos to fall asleep or to relax, you should make an iTunes playlist with one of your top 10+ asmr triggers available for purchase.