Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just Finished Editing The Top ASMR Triggers of 2013 Video

Just so you don't think I have forgotten about the Top Triggers of 2013 Video---I just finished editing. Being sick for those few days set me back, but I did it. Now just to render. Btw this is the result of 5 hours of filming 60+ triggers. Every line you see is an edit.


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  2. You really have been editing your socks off. So looking forward to it :D

    2014 doesn't properly start until I've watched this :P

  3. Heather,
    This video is awesome! I just came by to tell you that and to give you another trigger idea. While I know nails on a chalk board may be a bit too much ASMR for anyone to handle, I rummaged through my mind for feelings and sounds and thought hey, chalking a pool cue would work. The sound that is made from a cue chalk on a pool cue amplified would work I believe, in ways it is similar to other chalks. You could do a pool hustler role play perhaps, the pool balls clacking would make for some ASMR as well, combined with the chalking, and perhaps other sounds would be a trigger fest. Nail tapping on the edge of the pool table, beer bottles or soda bottles clinking together. High heels or boots clacking on the pool hall floor, gum chewing, the quarter going into the slots when paying for a game, the pool balls rolling through the pool ball shafts through the table on their way out. The pool balls being wracked up for a game and rolling around on the felted table. I mean there is a lot that can be done with this, one could even wear a leather jacket whilst playing and the leather rubbing together would make some interesting sounds for that too. Anyhow, just throwing that out there, since I did listen in your video where you said you never run out of ideas from your viewers giving input. I do market research a lot so I wracked my brain a bit for this concept. Blessings to you. Hugs and thanks for the chills, lolz.

  4. Sounds like Heather wants to go to the bar after editing this